Thieves fry Kenya’s power grid for fast food

A vandalized transformer lies on the ground in Thika town near the capital Nairobi [Kenya Power Ltd] Vandals smash electrical transformers to steal viscous fluid that’s later sold as cooking oil for roadside stalls. Nairobi, Kenya – The morning scene is increasingly routine for Kenyans. When it’s time to start the day, the power is already out.Continue reading “Thieves fry Kenya’s power grid for fast food”

More lethal than the Whopper: How Burger King pleases the 1 percent, screws its workers

It pays workers like me so poorly I need public assistance despite working full-time. Now it’s dodging taxes BY: ANTHONY MOORE/ For the past year, I’ve worked at a Burger King in Tampa, Florida, making $9 an hour. Taxes are taken right out of my paycheck like they are for most people in America. But BurgerContinue reading “More lethal than the Whopper: How Burger King pleases the 1 percent, screws its workers”

Mc Merry Christmas

We could give you a glowing picture of a fire place.  A picture of the snowy mountains in Tahoe or a happy, happy family opening Christmas Gifts. Nah! This Kwistmas its all about the Golden Arches.   A Ladies Man Last week ,23 year old Michael Jenkins of Upper Darby wanted things  HIS way?  TheContinue reading “Mc Merry Christmas”

The 7 Rules of Healthy Fast Food

Don’t want to order a McSalad? We don’t blame you.  Consider this supposedly healthy item: McDonald’s Fruit & Maple Oatmeal contains more sugar than a Snickers bar. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that a recent survey by the food research firm Technomic found though 47 percent of Americans say they want healthier restaurantContinue reading “The 7 Rules of Healthy Fast Food”