Stormy Daniels is a feminist hero

     And we owe it to her to give her the respect she deserves in her fight to break her silence If American history has taught us one important lesson, it’s that sex scandals — in all their forms — can be more powerful than whispers of corruption when it comes to pushing a politician out ofContinue reading “Stormy Daniels is a feminist hero”


Claire Foy and Matt Smith in “The Crown”(Credit: Netflix/Robert Viglasky) Netflix’s ‘THE CROWN’ literally revolves around Claire Foy and she was paid less than Matt Smith, who played her husband By: Erin Keane/   I don’t know if you’ve heard, but women are angry. We are fed up; we have declared #TimesUp on the grabbing and theContinue reading “Pay Her “SHE’S THE QUEEN”

Dirty words come clean

When it comes to feminism, the words they are a’changing Romanian women hold carnations in their mouths as a sign of protest during a Slut Walk in 2011, in Bucharest, Romania. The walk is an idea that started in Canada as a protest against discrimination and harassment toward women because of the way they wouldContinue reading “Dirty words come clean”