Relationships: What happens when one partner loses their job?

As unemployment rates spike, many relationships now feature a new and emotionally complex element of financial support By: Celina Ribeiro/UkGuardian “Like having a brick thrown at you,” is how Belinda* describes the days following her sudden redundancy. “You have a certain view of yourself, and that sense of worth is tied to the job thatContinue reading “Relationships: What happens when one partner loses their job?”

Women-Ladies-Girls-Stop Being Stupid!

I’m addicted to the judge shows, not sure why, I like the micro-dramas and usually in the end the bad guy gets it…     I am also amazed by the silly cases.    People who want their entire cost of their wedding refunded because of crack in the wedding cakes icing or because theContinue reading “Women-Ladies-Girls-Stop Being Stupid!”