Fiat 500 Stylish Fun

The * * * * 2012 Fiat 500 coupe is an eye-opening double-shot of espresso to the subcompact segment. Lavishly supplied with style and spunk, the little 500 should also be a wakeup call to any automaker who thinks it can still get away with selling dull, poorly equipped small cars. The 500 wrings everyContinue reading “Fiat 500 Stylish Fun”

Fiat returns to America

I have never been comfortable with the shotgun marriage of Fiat and Chrysler.   The words Chrysler and Quality have been at odds for many years.   Fiat has a poor reputation among European automakers.   So the pairing of the two in this  very competitive market where the quality plays such  important role seems odd. Few companies can afford to offer Hyundai’s generousContinue reading “Fiat returns to America”