More Katt Williams: Fights a 7th grader (Video)

Katt! Katt! KATT!

Mr Anger strikes again and this time he is humiliated by a 7th Grader.   TMZ say’s the comedian was doing some charitable work (actually handing out cash)  in Gainsville Georgia yesterday.     He was playing soccer or basketball with some children yesterday and some rowdy kids

At one point there was some good old fashion smack talk on the court.  An ordinary 42 man would dismissed it and walk away.  But Katt Williams isnt your ordinary 42 year old and sucker punched the 7th grader.  The rest is being played out on social media

One Tweet asks: I look on Twitter to see Katt Williams playing “Are you stronger than a 7th Grader”…What happened to “Are you smarter than a 5th Grader?”

In the last 30 days ,Katt was accused of  holding a women who wanted a photo with him at gunpoint on Feb. 28; an alleged fight on March 2; an alleged fight onstage at a concert on March 6; and an arrest on suspicion of aggravated assault, terroristic threats and false imprisonment as well as drug and weapons charges after a raid on his house in Georgia on March 8

Trouble for Katt Williams on the 1st of March in Georgia

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More to come, we are absolutely sure! 



Real Housewifes of Atlanta(Ep19) The Old “G”s Dusty Dust UP

By CityFella:

If there a take away from Episode 19, It’s Kenya Moore, love her or HATE her, she is a force to be reckoned with.  With the exception of Kandi and Cynthia she demolished Nene, Porsha, and her arch enemy Phaedra Parks.    The dust up with Peter and Gregg left me a bit uneasy.

Kenya, Apollo, and Phaedra

On the surface Phaedra Parks is a very intelligent women,  married to dim witted husband.  Its difficult to feel sorry for her.   After Apollo humiliates her.  Ignores her and hugs friends.  Insensitive to her pain, leaves her alone at their hotel room and refuses to get a room key for the mother of his tw0 sons ,so she can enter their guest room and she blames Kenya?   This is such a pedestrian act she reducing herself to the ranks of Springer women.   Her friends get it.  The men tried to protect Apollo from Apollo and the women get it as they shook their head and said why, Apollo?

I think I’m Sorry Baby, how bout some condoms for your birthday

Next morning the seemingly apologetic Apollo brings her an tired exotic flower.      Phaedra is not buying it.  So he stepped it up a notch.  A surprise birthday party.    So far he hasn’t really apologized about Kenya or leaving her on her own waiting for a room key.  No Happy Birthday I Love you’s.   Phaedra, listen, I want to thank you for being the mother of my children and, you know, let’s just continue to move forward. Dude, Really?  The lights are on, but no bodies home.

Kenya Are You Serious? 

A lil deja vu in Meh-he-co.  Pillow talk part du.  Kenya Moore has replaced Nene Leakes as the host.    “Check Please”

The format is still the same, personal question.  Messy, messy,messy.

Kenya asks Miss Lawrence a question about cheating.   Lawrence believes every man cheats and approves of one night stands.    At this point if your married,silence is your best friend.   How so nevah.  Apollo, who should have super glued his lips together.  Speaks!!!   Apollo thinks, no matter what, all people cheat: While, Apollo doesn’t think Phaedra is cheating on him now, but he knows that she will and, as a personal favor to him, her husband, he just asks that she wear a condom.   Phaedra says if you want to cheat, you should not get married. “

If Phaedra, had a Bazooka in her purse and blew Apollo’s head off, she would be acquitted by any jury in the nation.

Moving on….

Porsha is asked what is the difference between young and older men?  Porsha said, older are better with the romance because they are slower.     Well, hells bells, this pushed Nene over the edge and she calls, Porsha ignorant.

Then she asks Kandi if she was menopausal?  Nene, really? Who’s Ignorant?  This question pushes Todd’s button.        Todd tells Nene about presentation(he’s trying to soften Ms Leakes choice of words ” Ignorant”) she’s not feeling it and Todd can go……

Kenya attempts to ask Nene a question about Marlo and their relationship. Nene shut her down.   Nene’s hypocrisy  isn’t lost on Kandi and others.

Gregg has unfinished business

A few minutes before war breaks out, Gregg ask’s to talk to Peter.

Kenya splashed gasoline on Phaedra by bringing up their on going fight.   “That brings me to the elephant in the room.”   Kenya asks Phaedra why her fireside chat with Apollo upset her   Phaedra in classic style says “First of all, I have asked you not to speak to my husband outside my company. You should respect that if you think that we will ever have a friendship because you’re crossing the line and you’ve done so many times.     Kenya! We are not interested in being friends with you!  What she didn’t know that she Apollo had already squashed the beef with a hand shake.

Kenya….knowing Apollo hasn’t discussed their conversation with Phaedra went for it… or BOOM!

“YOU may not want to be friends but you can’t speak for Apollo” 

Her statement effected  the women as to say DAMM Bitch-No you didn’t!

Ugly it got, with Porsha leading the charge.   “You can’t understand if you’ve ever been married”  Kenya  drops the belt and tells Porsha that she’s never really been married either because she “basically admitted [she] was Kordell’s beard.”   This sends Porsha over the edge screaming at a glass breaking tones  “YOU A MOTHER F—KING LIE”

In another room, Gregg is uncharacteristically annoyed.  Gregg Leakes often the sane one, is a bit off hinged.  He is annoyed at Peter, annoyed at something that happened weeks ago.      HUH?

He is pissed at how Peter spoke to his wife at Kenya’s Charity Event. Gregg says Peter can bring whatever he wants to him, but never to get in his wife’s face again.

The ladies run to find out what’s happening and Nene immediately gets right in Peter’s face and tells him to stop getting involved in women’s business, aka, “trying to be a damn bitch.”    Yes, Cynthia is there. Silent.

Gregg’s action doesn’t make sense, is some at Bravo pushing buttons?


Apollo Speaks to Kenya

Its the Wednesday Night Tranny Brawl in San Diego (of course there is video)

The Chimichanga’s where flying from the back  of the kitchen ,sequins, fists and wigs where flying out front.  

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and boys its the “Wednesday  Night Tranny Brawl”

It is unclear what prompted the fisticuffs at the La Fuente restaurant in San Diego’s Hillcrest neighborhood. Combatants, some in sequined dresses and high heels, can be seen kicking and punching one another. Additionally, at least two wigs were dislodged during the incident early Wednesday morning.

A San Diego Police Department report that a 911 caller reported that the brawl started at Rich’s Nightclub, a gay dance club. The fighters, police noted, were “HMA’s Dressed Like Women.” HMA is short for an adult Hispanic male.

The confrontation (during which no weapons were spotted) involved “20 people fighting,” a second 911 caller reported. According to the police report, the “crowd move [eastbound] to taco shop.” The altercation had ended when officers arrived, and the participants “dispersed upon police arrival.”