No smiling in the Gym

I appreciate Sacramento, with nearly a two and half million people in the region the city hasn’t lost its small town charm.  People still smile here .  In ten or twenty years I imaging a different Sacramento.   More people competing for space.  Before Sac, I lived in San Francisco and New York,  in thoseContinue reading “No smiling in the Gym”

Pumping Iron with Grandma: That’s how I got this body

Fitness instructor Bonnie Oliver of Maple Grove enlists the support of her family and friends to provide moral and physical encouragement. She’s surrounded by, from left, Peter Villagomez Jr., Peter Villagomez Sr., Areanna Villagomez, Paul Herskind, Felicia Vill and Dre Oliver. Bonnie Oliver was riding the bus to meet her boyfriend one day 15 yearsContinue reading “Pumping Iron with Grandma: That’s how I got this body”