Matt Gaetz,3rd Class Jerk

38 year old Matthew Louis Gaetz II is a Florida Congressman representing Florida’s first District located on the western side of the state in the Floridabama corridor. His wealthy father reportedly bankrolled the election. During his campaign, Gaetz received almost $480,000 in contributions, about five times more than anyone else in the field. Gaetz isContinue reading “Matt Gaetz,3rd Class Jerk”

The GOP wants to make it difficult for Asians, Blacks, Mexicans and Young Urban Whites to vote

THE BIG JUICY LIE Trump’s stolen election lie has convinced many that fraud is a problem in American elections. Three out of every 4 Republicans believe that there was widespread voter fraud in last year’s election,  according to a December Quinnipiac University poll, despite all evidence to the contrary. State Republicans in Texas, Georgia and Florida are now proposing voting restrictionsContinue reading “The GOP wants to make it difficult for Asians, Blacks, Mexicans and Young Urban Whites to vote”

The BEST birthday EVER: Murdering the side chick!

On September 26th,  Ashley Spencer will be 34 years old. On the 26th Ashley, planned to give herself the ultimate birthday gift, by killing her husband’s side chick. Not only did she have an idea, Ashley had a plan…. Brevard County (Florida) Sheriff Department got involved in August, after a friend reported Ashley making threats againstContinue reading “The BEST birthday EVER: Murdering the side chick!”

Lyft Driver attacked, he said, he said and the dashcam

  Its was late night, early Sunday Morning in Palm Coast, Florida.  a Lyft driver was called to pick up three passengers, two adults one 7 year old child. His Side One passenger, 36 year old Travis Smith attacked the Lyft driver from the backseat while the car was in motion.  Smith said the LyftContinue reading “Lyft Driver attacked, he said, he said and the dashcam”

U.S. judge grants reprieve to Puerto Ricans facing eviction

 By: Joey Roulette   KISSIMMEE, Fl. (Reuters) – A federal judge will hold a hearing on Monday that could determine the fate of hundreds of Puerto Ricans who fled the hurricane-ravaged island last year and are lodging in motels, after granting them a reprieve from eviction over the weekend. The last benefits of a federalContinue reading “U.S. judge grants reprieve to Puerto Ricans facing eviction”

Just how Red is Florida?

  Since 1936, Florida has picked the winner of the presidential election 19 out 21 times and in no other state has the Hispanic vote proved more valuable in helping determine who will lead the nation for the next four years. In 2016 Presidential Election. Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 115,000 thousand votes HurricaneContinue reading “Just how Red is Florida?”

HOT AND BOTHERED: Who took the Chocolate Chip Cookie from the Cookie Jar?

This is a public warning to all skinny people! Big thick fleshy individuals are SERIOUS ABOUT THEIR FOOD!  Intelligent individuals wouldn’t put their hands in the mouth of an angry Pit Bull. So don’t play with big folks food!   The Story  Last week, 31 year old Richard Hessic from Port St. Lucie, Florida came home expectingContinue reading “HOT AND BOTHERED: Who took the Chocolate Chip Cookie from the Cookie Jar?”

Let Go of my Damm Legos!

  The Melice men in Port St Luice, Florida gave their neighbors something to talk about last Tuesday night. The young Melice ,19 year old Nicholas Jr who lives in Jupiter (the city, not the planet) learned his Lego collection had been trashed by his father, 46 year old Nicholas Sr. THE HEAT IS ON!Continue reading “Let Go of my Damm Legos!”

A Head Butt in the face is not Continental

Especially  when that face belongs to your mother. The issue was fast food.  30 year old Derek Foreman of Largo Florida was dissapointed in his mothers choice of fast food. She brought home Chick fil A, he wanting SOMETHING else. His dissapointed increased to rage and his mother ended up with a split lip. SheContinue reading “A Head Butt in the face is not Continental”

She was just too lazy to pay for sex toys!

  At least that’s what she told authorities.  She paid for some of the things she placed in her cart at the St Petersburg, Florida Wal-Mart.  Which makes her a semi-honest shopper. Right? When they caught twenty five year old Therasa Prine at the exit, in addition to the sex toys they found drugs in herContinue reading “She was just too lazy to pay for sex toys!”