Meanwhile over at Fox News……….

When it comes to news ,yesterday was an 8.0 on the richter scale.    Never in the history in the United States has their been two major breaking news stories that brushes the shores of the White House.   The President’s former Campaign Chairman was convicted by of jury of his peers and his former lawyerContinue reading “Meanwhile over at Fox News……….”

Omarosa Wins Primary in Every State

Omarosa wasn’t on any ballot yesterday.  But she won in every state.  Thanks to the President.  If you live outside of Connecticut, Minnesota,Vermont and Wisconsin you may not be aware there were major contests in those states. Especially after 9am on the west coast, as all the media focused on The Presidents tweet, calling hisContinue reading “Omarosa Wins Primary in Every State”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is gone…… Leaving a gaping hole in “The View”

Hasselbeck is gone..   After 10 years of being the lone conservative on “The View” Elisabeth Hasselbeck is gone.   In September she will join “Fox and Friends” on the Fox News Channel. I’m a big fan of  ” The View’ and in those 10 years  I have strongly disagreed with many of her views, annoyedContinue reading “Elisabeth Hasselbeck is gone…… Leaving a gaping hole in “The View””

Controversial Video “Tax the Rich” is angering Conservatives and some Liberals

The California Federation of  Teachers( produced a video to show the  widening economic inequality here in the US.   The goal of this video is motivate citizens to contact their representatives  and support tax hikes for the wealthy. The video, narrated by the Emmy winning actor Ed Asner has angered many conservatives and has made some liberal uncomfortable. The offending scene (which hasContinue reading “Controversial Video “Tax the Rich” is angering Conservatives and some Liberals”

The Mitt Romney Cha Cha, 2 STEPS FORWARD-2 steps back

Mitt,Mitt, Mitt When Mitt Romney should be bathing in the glow of his debate performance , he dredges up controversy that  raises  the question? (Can he get out of his own way?) Remember his statement about the 47%. Then this follow up statement on Fox News Yesterday on the Sean Hannity Show … No Apologies Cityfella

” The George Zimmerman Show” “in HDTV”

Starring: George Zimmerman Co Starring: Mark O’ Mara (his Current Attorney) Dont Mess with BW! In what could be the beginning of a media tour may have stalled yesterday.   George Zimmerman , the man accused of murdering teenager Trayvon Martin pulled out of  a  planned interview with Barbara Walters on Wednesday.   The interviewContinue reading “” The George Zimmerman Show” “in HDTV””

HOTEL CONFIDENTIAL: “And now the News”

One hundred and fifty rooms and one general use television.   A Zillion years ago, Americans had three news choices.  ABC, NBC and CBS.    With cable ,there are more than three dozen.   The big players are the networks followed by CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. Most guests in the morning want’s a news show its aContinue reading “HOTEL CONFIDENTIAL: “And now the News””