Meanwhile over at Fox News……….

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When it comes to news ,yesterday was an 8.0 on the richter scale.    Never in the history in the United States has their been two major breaking news stories that brushes the shores of the White House.   The President’s former Campaign Chairman was convicted by of jury of his peers and his former lawyer admitting his guilt in a form of a plea deal.

This was the lead story in the United States and other parts of the world.

Meanwhile over at Fox News, the number one story was about an illegal immigrant  suspected of killing the Iowa State Student.    With a banner “Justice for Mollie”

At the West Virginia rally Tuesday Night the President said:   “You heard about today with the illegal alien coming in, very sadly, from Mexico and you saw what happened to that incredible, beautiful young woman,” “Should’ve never happened. Illegally in our country. We’ve had a huge impact, but the laws are so bad, the immigration laws are such a disgrace. We’re getting it changed, but we have to get more Republicans.”

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Its clear this incident will be front and center during the midterms.  “Those Mexicans murdering our citizens”    Attempting use this single incident to justify the spending of 25 billion for a wall.

Fox, received a lot of criticism for virtually ignoring the biggest story of the Trump Administration.  Today the cable news channel clapped back, criticizing  MSNBC  and CNN for not giving “Tibbetts” the story adequate coverage.

Needing a diversion from Cohen and Manafort will the President keep the immigrant story alive and will Fox follow suit?






Omarosa Wins Primary in Every State

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Omarosa wasn’t on any ballot yesterday.  But she won in every state.  Thanks to the President.  If you live outside of Connecticut, Minnesota,Vermont and Wisconsin you may not be aware there were major contests in those states. Especially after 9am on the west coast, as all the media focused on The Presidents tweet, calling his favorite black woman a Dog.


I’m not a fan of Omarosa, but her performance yesterday was Brilliant!  

Click on the link below for the full story


Did the Protege Become the Master?

After three stints on the The Apprentice it became very apparent, she’s learned from the master.   It’s very clear, Omarosa, has studied Donald Trump,and knows him well.

1. She knew the announcement of the tapes would make him crazy. (Unhinged)

2. The mere suggestion of a meeting with Robert Mueller would cause an explosion. (Dog)

3. Promised the release (drip, drip, drip, ) of future recordings, resulting in fear and chaos in the White House.

Omarosa released a tape to CBS yesterday.  The issue was the dreaded “N” word”.  In the book  Omarosa said GOP pollster Frank Luntz told them he had heard Trump use the racial slur on an audio tape. (Luntz denied having heard Trump use the word.)”

On the tape was Former Trump spokesperson, Katrina Pierson and Lynne Patton the three of them talked about the possible existence of the tape.   On Monday, Pierson told Fox News  the conversation was pure fiction.  On another Cable news show, she said admitted (of course after CBS played the tape) she was on the tape and yes she did say that Donald might have used the “N” word.  But she only said that to placate Omarosa.  “That happened a number of times because Omarosa is a bully.”    (It was as if Omarosa was sitting in the director chair, telling her what to say and how to react)      NEXT!!!!

  1. Like Trump, Omarosa will speak into any microphone placed in front of her.
  2. Like Trump, she cant escape from a lie, a falsehood, so she will twist the pretzel until you’ve forgotten the question.

  3. Omarosa isn’t known for loyalty. She is polarizing figure and not highly regarded.

She’s doing Trump as well or better than he is,”“This is his mini-me. He created Omarosa. He gave her license and invited her into the sacred space of the Oval Office . . . Now, after having created this monster that’s coming back on him, what’s he going to do?”            The answer, for now at least, is tweet.       

Michael Steele, Former Republican National Committee chairman. 

The Perfect Storm

I believe she wants to be sued by the President, this will keep her in front of the cameras and sell more books.    Unlike the other authors, Omarosa, knows Donald too well.  She knew he would attack her .  There are rumors that he leaned on her for comfort, after all they have known each other for more than a decade.   This IS the perfect storm for Omarosa.  A woman who isn’t creditable , against an entire administration that isn’t creditable.    CNN’s Gloria Borger said it best  “They deserve each other”

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck is gone…… Leaving a gaping hole in “The View”

Hasselbeck is gone..   After 10 years of being the lone conservative on “The View” Elisabeth Hasselbeck is gone.   In September she will join “Fox and Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

I’m a big fan of  ” The View’ and in those 10 years  I have strongly disagreed with many of her views, annoyed by her youthful opinions and the absence of life experience. .   But what I admired, was  her tenacity, her integrity and her strength being the lone and often unpopular voice on “The View”

In 1997 Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie created “The View ”   a show with women of different generations, backgrounds and views.

I share many views with Whoopi Goldberg.   I shall miss Joy Behar (she say’s what people thinks) and its nice to see the unbutton  side of  Barbara Walters,  I will miss Elisabeth  Hasselbeck and her voice.

In Hasselbeck, liberals learned  not all conservative are cut the same, she supports gay rights and gay marriage, she seems to support a woman’s right to choose and she does not support all conservatives.

I believe differing  view points is healthy.  Television is often either or.  Its, Fox News or MSNBC where there is steady drumming of an liberal or conservative views.

After Joy Behar, announced  she was leaving there was speculation that Elizabeth Hasselbeck was going to be fired, her views were damaging the show and her contract was not going to be renewed.   Her exit was indeed was abrupt, her new gig at Fox doesn’t begin until  September.

Hasselbeck’s exit was graceful.  I was surprised by the words she had for Whoopi, the two of them were nearly in tears. Joy Behar is a no nonsense person, there is no pretense ( I can clearly remember Star Jones exit there was no love there )and while Joy and Lizzy have had major battles  she and  Hasselbeck are clearly  not enemies .

Barbara Walters after decades on television is retiring.   Behar will be replaced, the rumored  front runner is Brooke Shields.    The shoes for Hasselbeck will be difficult  to fill (assuming that’s the direction the show wants  to go).    I’m not feeling  Rachel Campos-Duffy who is the perennial runner up for the conservatives chair , she seems too ridged.

I will miss Elisabeth Hasselbeck , I am sorry she’s going to Fox . I would love to see some of Fox’s conservatives over at MSNBC and some of  MSNBC’s hyper liberals  over at Fox “fair and balanced ”  having said that if I where the wizards I’d send her conservative voice to CNN


Controversial Video “Tax the Rich” is angering Conservatives and some Liberals

The California Federation of  Teachers( produced a video to show the  widening economic inequality here in the US.   The goal of this video is motivate citizens to contact their representatives  and support tax hikes for the wealthy.

The video, narrated by the Emmy winning actor Ed Asner has angered many conservatives and has made some liberal uncomfortable.

The offending scene (which has been removed) shows a wealthy man urinating on a pile of money, which falls on to ordinary people (as an illustration of how trickle-down-economics really works).

Your thoughts…….

The Mitt Romney Cha Cha, 2 STEPS FORWARD-2 steps back

Mitt,Mitt, Mitt

When Mitt Romney should be bathing in the glow of his debate performance , he dredges up controversy that  raises  the question?

(Can he get out of his own way?)

Remember his statement about the 47%.

Then this follow up statement on Fox News

Yesterday on the Sean Hannity Show …

No Apologies


” The George Zimmerman Show” “in HDTV”

Starring: George Zimmerman

Co Starring: Mark O’ Mara (his Current Attorney)

Dont Mess with BW!

In what could be the beginning of a media tour may have stalled yesterday.   George Zimmerman , the man accused of murdering teenager Trayvon Martin pulled out of  a  planned interview with Barbara Walters on Wednesday.   The interview was scheduled to air Thursday on “The View“.

Ms Walters told the viewers Thursday that she had been forced to scrub the plans when Zimmerman demanded “a condition that we could not agree to”  It seems she learned this after flying down with her crew to Florida.

Mark O’ Mara told CNN that Zimmerman “asked for shelter and security for a month”

Walters knew something was up when Zimmerman appeared in a Tee shirt and made some steep demands.       On the show, she said Zimmerman appeared desperate for money and very worried for his family.

Attorney Mark O’Mara wanted the Walters interview.

During Thursday’s  show, Zimmerman called Ms Walters but she refused to put him on the air.  Saying if he could not do the interview yesterday, I don’t think we should do a quick one today!  BAB’S Walters is not the one!     She was politely angry and through clenched teeth congratulated Sean Hannity.

Fox News says Zimmerman didn’t ask or receive anything from the network .


 Everything George Zimmerman says in interviews  can be used during trial.    Most attorneys prevent their clients from speaking choosing  to speak in their behalf .     But there he  is ,Attorney Mark O’ Mara within inches of his  of his client.  Inches when his clients makes incendiary statements guaranteed to be revisited.

George Zimmerman is likely to be convicted of murder, if not by the state, by the feds.

His media appearances will generate much in the way of donations.   Dollars needed for  defense fund. and possibly leave his family whole after he is sent to jail.

In the last  few days , much has been said about the Zimmerman’s going through  $36,000 in 18 days.  Much has been made of the $6500 spent on phones and the internet.   The other expenditures seem to be seeds for the future.  There are no reports of new cars or lavish parties and clothing.  They paid off credit cards, repaired cars and paying other bills, paid off a loan to his parents, A $5000 bond,bought  jailhouse calling cards.   This sounds like a man with a plan.

Of course in the grand tradition of law, his attorney will write a book, telling the world about misunderstandings, and traumatic events in Zimmerman’s life that  lead to that tragic day.


In the Sean Hannity interview  George Zimmerman was HDTV ready.  Nice suite , face perfect.  His tone respectful, his mannerisms professional. yes sir, no sir

As the interview began, I wanted someone to cue light music…..

Hannity:  Let’s start at the beginning .

Zimmerman: I was going to Target to do my weekly grocery shopping. Sunday nights was the only nights-well, Sunday after we mentored the kids, we would always go grocery shopping an do our cooking for the week.  So I wanted to go to ?Target and I headed out.  And that’s the last time I’ve been home. 

The full interview


Temporary Setback?

Skipping the newsworthy View  and the legendary Barbara Walters was a major error.  Other shows will readily interview Zimmerman.   The question is which shows….  for now “The George Zimmerman Show”  is on hiatus.


HOTEL CONFIDENTIAL: “And now the News”

One hundred and fifty rooms and one general use television.   A Zillion years ago, Americans had three news choices.  ABC, NBC and CBS.    With cable ,there are more than three dozen.   The big players are the networks followed by CNN, Fox News and MSNBC.

Most guests in the morning want’s a news show its a minor distraction with breakfast.

CNN appeals to most guests, and that what you will find in most hotels, from time to time you will get a specific request.  Christian News, Fox News or MSNBC.

Every once in a while, you’ll get this freaky couple who can’t enjoy their meal with the TV on,(WTF?-go to your room!) you walk away and push the invisible ignore button.

If the morning room is fairly empty, few notice the change, nice and easy.

However, those requests rarely happen in an empty morning room.   Only in a full room with every eye on the TV.   Smart employees can’t find the remote control and they are real sorry(real sorry).  Others  take their lives into their own hands.   Changing to Al Jazeera or a Christian Network and hotel guests will revolt.  With angry cereal bowls in hand running to the front desk( you haven’t really lived until you have bits of honey and oats spit in your face)  demanding  the immediate return to CNN or anything other than whats on the screen.

Fox News is too conservative for some and MSNBC too liberal for others, through the years we’ve noticed  very loud and sometimes angry discussions in the normally morning room, making families and other quest uncomfortable.

One angry guest told an employee at a Folsom hotel that  Fox News hates Hispanics. Imagine a whole News company hating me, who knew? (he laugh’s)

A few local  hotels have found Good Day Sacramento (Channel 31) a good balance.

We turned it on because they would say which airlines where on time or late at the airport and a lot of people like it ,but they don’t do it anymore.  (A server at a downtown hotel)

People like it and when they’re in the rooms they ask what channel it was on.( Natomas  hotel)

The TV in the lobby is always on Cnn,  and channel 31 is on in the dining room ,I don’t like it, it’s too silly, but it keeps the peace, I really don’t care (Natomas)

By: Miz G