The Great Race: Detroit ( nite 2)

Fight @ the Detroit Fox The Great Race entered its final day in Detroit. The winners will move on to the next round in Houston. There were a lot of punches thrown at the principle targets Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. If there is a clear winner in the Detroit debates it was Elizabeth Warren.Continue reading “The Great Race: Detroit ( nite 2)”

Sex is not permitted in the Fox Theater in Casper Wyoming (even in the back row)

Perhaps , 45 year old David Arthur Cotton, and 46 year old Michele Nye Ray didn’t know.   They were talking loudly during the opening  credits of Godzilla, Friday night.   Witnesses said the talking noise was replaced with sounds that indicated the couple was engaging in oral sex. (a mind wanders) A few theater goers notified theContinue reading “Sex is not permitted in the Fox Theater in Casper Wyoming (even in the back row)”

Sheen’s ‘Torpedo’ tour bombs in Motor City

Sorry, Charlie, you’re not winning anymore.  Saturday night show at Detroit’s Fox Theater Wacky warlock Charlie Sheen’s “Violent Torpedo of Truth” was more like a bomb — with the maniacal Messiah of Malibu delivering a performance last night so disoriented and cringe-worthy that he was heckled off the Detroit stage. Things got so dreadful that Sheen hadContinue reading “Sheen’s ‘Torpedo’ tour bombs in Motor City”