Masks, fines and no kissing – no, France is not ‘back to normal’

Entering most public spaces in France requires a mask and a squirt of hand gel. Photo: AFP By; Emma Pearson/the Local France While France has in recent weeks been able to lift many of its coronavirus restrictions – following better-than-expected health data – many others remain and it would be a mistake to think lifeContinue reading “Masks, fines and no kissing – no, France is not ‘back to normal’”

In Pictures: 17,000 turn out for the poshest picnic in Paris

Photo: AFP From: The Local France This year’s “Dinner in white” – a chic, pop-up style picnic drew a record 17,000 diners all dressed in white. Here are some pictures of the impressive spectacle. The annual “diner en blanc” picnic took place in Paris on  at the Esplanade des Invalides and drew a record 17,000Continue reading “In Pictures: 17,000 turn out for the poshest picnic in Paris”

Snow pics: France’s most famed sites like you’ve never seen them before

The stunning Chateau de Chambord in the Loire Valley. All pictures AFP Have you ever seen the Iron Lady dressed in white or the Chateau de Chambord and Versailles Palace under a blanket of snow? The famous tourist sites in and around Paris are photogenic enough but under a rare covering of snow they lookContinue reading “Snow pics: France’s most famed sites like you’ve never seen them before”

The dos and don’ts of taking your clothes off on French beaches

France is world famous for its nudist beaches and its topless sunbathers but there are some rules or customs you need to abide by when it comes to taking your clothes off this summer. Here’s what you need to know about dropping your top (or bottoms) on French beaches.   Like all things French, gettingContinue reading “The dos and don’ts of taking your clothes off on French beaches”

Thirteen sure-fire ways to lose your French friends

Photo: nullplus /Depositphotos If you want to keep your French friends, then DO NOT do anything on this list. There’s a myriad of irritating things you could do to put off potential friends pretty much anywhere, like ordering the most expensive thing on the menu and asking to split the bill, or retelling that oneContinue reading “Thirteen sure-fire ways to lose your French friends”

Twelve things tourists do that annoy Parisians

Stop getting robbed: Visitors need to realize, according to one reader, that they are giving the city a bad name by getting pickpocketed all the time. Victims of petty crime in the capital will be aghast at the suggestion they did anything wrong, especially given the number of scams they can fall victim to, butContinue reading “Twelve things tourists do that annoy Parisians”

Travel: Seven reasons to leave Paris for Lyon

The old town of Lyon. Photo: Michael Muraz/Flickr The city of Lyon is often, in fact pretty much always, overlooked by France’s most popular attraction – Paris. Yes we all know about the beauty of the French capital, its historic monuments, dining scene, spectacular river banks… and the list goes on. But what about theContinue reading “Travel: Seven reasons to leave Paris for Lyon”

The Paint Brush

Perhaps its human nature. Human nature to villainize people who doesn’t look like us or share our beliefs.  With a single stroke of the paint brush, paint millions of people into a narrow corner and convict an entire society based on the actions of a few. Like billions of people across the world I amContinue reading “The Paint Brush”

Why France is better than Britain

“French villages will have a boules pitch, associations, a weekly market, a carnival and an annual church trip to Lourdes” Photo: ALAMY Le Rosbif Writes: The boss of John Lewis reckons France is “downbeat and hopeless”. At least it’s not packed with Poundlands, kebab shops and staggering drunks, says Anthony Peregrine   First, a deep breath.Continue reading “Why France is better than Britain”