Midnight in Chowchilla or How not to drive an Electric Car

I want to thank to good people of Tulare and Visalia, California, who generously offered to help me in an emergency. I use Gig car share in Sacramento and their fleet of Electric Chevrolet Bolts. While I have driven quite a few electric vehicles (EV) I wanted to know what its like living with one.Continue reading “Midnight in Chowchilla or How not to drive an Electric Car”

Stockton California——-Valley Superstar?

EVERY city and town has the potential for greatness.  Most towns begin on paper,  an outline of what their community will look like.  Through time, the plans are altered, often to make way for the new demands of the city. As the city grows, planning departments are added to manage that growth, these professionals adviseContinue reading “Stockton California——-Valley Superstar?”