Colorado man gets pee deal from court

Last May, 45 year Michael Allen Haag had a few too many on the Frontier Flight F9864  from Denver to Charleston, South Carolina. After two double shot vodka tonics, Haag who was excited about meeting up with an old girlfriend got handsy with some of the female passengers on the flight.    He asked one womanContinue reading “Colorado man gets pee deal from court”

$49 to Denver or Las Vegas “Frontier Airlines Returns to Sacramento International”

Killer Diller Low Airfares are coming to Sacramentio After a five year absence Frontier Airlines is returning to Sacramento International August 1.   With four week daily flights to Denver and Las Vegas beginning August 12th. When Frontier left Sacramento, they were a discount Airline, similar to Southwest. What is returning is a different airline anContinue reading “$49 to Denver or Las Vegas “Frontier Airlines Returns to Sacramento International””

Airline Seats who’s Chubby Now?

Airline Travel in one word   (Sucks) There was a time when airline travel epitomizes luxury. The airlines offered champagne, comfortable seats, and offered a choice of beef, chicken or kosher meal included in the price of the ticket  The seats were wide (even for my aunt Katie) and the service was casual passengers wereContinue reading “Airline Seats who’s Chubby Now?”

Moo-vin a little closer Airlines will offer less room this fall

Cattle are treated better than airline passengers.    Today every pour of the aircraft is filled, gone are the days of the airlines boasting about large planes and extra room.  If you want extra travel space, try Greyhound or Amtrak.      Gone are the 747, Dc 10  and other jumbo jets on domestic routes. The aircraft of choice is Boeings 737 theseContinue reading “Moo-vin a little closer Airlines will offer less room this fall”