My I-Robot Tried to Escape

For years I’d wanted one, but they were $500-$600. A Robot to make my life easier. Yesss I imagined a world where I would return from work and all the floors would be vacuumed. The commercials were so appealing, as were the you tube videos.   I even considered getting a cat so he could goContinue reading “My I-Robot Tried to Escape”

When your Zipper is down……( a short story)

When you initially discover your zipper is down, you go into a quiet but major panic, you immediately  spin around and with one life saving pull its up. Then you go into a major state of paranoia  wondering  how many people have seen your fruit of the looms.   A thin piece of fabric separates you from some morals charge.  Boxers are especiallyContinue reading “When your Zipper is down……( a short story)”