NIGHTMARE! “Sacramento Kings owners dragging feet-may move anyway?

Joe Maloof–Mayor Kevin Johnson-Gavin Maloof After years of discussion,rumors of  moves to Las Vegas, Anaheim,Louisville and Seattle, the pieces are finally in place for a new 391 million  dollar downtown Arena for fledgling Sacramento Kings. The Maloofs, the owners of the Sacramento Kings  said the current arena Power Balance Pavillion (which they own) believed a new arena was needed andContinue reading “NIGHTMARE! “Sacramento Kings owners dragging feet-may move anyway?”

Sacramento Kings a look back to 2006

Election Day — time to send the Maloof’s packing Tuesday, November 07 2006 The first Tuesday in November, election day.  Measure R would increase the sales tax in Sacramento County by a quarter-cent for 15 years, without specifying what the money raised should be used for. Measure Q advises the county supervisors that up toContinue reading “Sacramento Kings a look back to 2006”