California on Lockdown?

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Monday that most California counties will soon be in the state’s most restrictive COVID-19 tier amid a surge in cases and that the state is considering a curfew. “California is pulling an emergency brake,” he said in announcing that 41 counties, which comprise over 94% of the state’s population, will beContinue reading “California on Lockdown?”

Kevin Johnson’s 2012 re-election : Troubled waters ahead?

Who is the Mayor of Los Angeles? how bout Houston?   With the exception of  New York’s Mayor’s Michael Bloomberg few people out of their  communities cities limits know the mayor of a givin city. During a layover in Denver, I was talking to a stranger who asked where I was from, “Sacramento”  the man who wasContinue reading “Kevin Johnson’s 2012 re-election : Troubled waters ahead?”