I divorced my husband and married the au pair

When Michele Macfarlane started to lose her eyesight, she got an au pair to help with the children. But she fell in love with the younger woman and realized she was gay Michele Macfarlane: ‘You can be gay and not realise it at all.’ What is an au pair?  A young foreign person, typically aContinue reading “I divorced my husband and married the au pair”

Everything You Wanted to Know About Lesbian Relationships But Were Too Afraid to Ask

By: Diana Denza/Betty Confidential  When you’ve been swooning over guys since you were 12 (you’re still waiting for Johnny Depp to call), it can be tough to imagine what a lesbian relationship is like. Sure, you’ve caught a few episodes of Glee and “Calzona” from Grey’s Anatomy make your list of favorite on-screen couples, but you still have so manyContinue reading “Everything You Wanted to Know About Lesbian Relationships But Were Too Afraid to Ask”


Although a majority of young adults support same-sex marriage,  a bunch of young straight guys still don’t. And to those straight guys, know this — if you vote against gay guys marrying each other, we’ll still get married… only it’ll be to your girlfriends instead. That’s right. As the boys in the video below attest, gay guys make awesome boyfriends! No, we’reContinue reading “LET GAYS MARRY… OR THEY’LL MARRY YOUR GIRLFRIENDS”

Gay Marriage Debate in France

Otherness homophobic! The outburst of violence that accompanies the current debate on “Marriage for All” leaves many feel it is directed by unconscious passions, or at least, reasons not clearly expressed, although some are well understood by some protesters share sides. War slogans War slogans seems emblematic of the balance of power is emerging asContinue reading “Gay Marriage Debate in France”

Chick-fil-A’s Really? Your Kidding Right? Just sayin……….

Freedom of speech is the political right to communicate one’s opinions and ideas via speech. Prehaps you can find the asterisk K Let’s try this one…… Opinions…….. When did we lose the right to have one?   K I live in the real world, where, public figures, people working in the media have lost their jobs becauseContinue reading “Chick-fil-A’s Really? Your Kidding Right? Just sayin……….”