Baby Boomer ZONE (Stone Soul Concert)

Q: What is a Baby Boomer? A: Persons born between 1946 and 1964 Baby Boomers (BB’s) control of 80%  personal financial assets (hate us) and more than half of all consumer spending.  We buy 77% of all prescription drugs  61% of over the counter meds and travel the most. The BB’s were in full effect SundayContinue reading “Baby Boomer ZONE (Stone Soul Concert)”

Younger consumers forcing changes in car design

Ralph Gilles says many of the millennial generation haven’t yet found a need for cars, but they will. / Carlos Osorio/Associated Press More than ever, designing cars people want is a tricky business. Rapidly developing technology, changing demographics, emerging global markets and stricter fuel efficiency standards have forced automakers to rethink how they design carsContinue reading “Younger consumers forcing changes in car design”