George Zimmerman part 10,001: When you cant get out of your own way

I have written more than a dozen blogs about George Michael Zimmerman. Florida’s Stand your Ground law, that prevented  Mr Zimmerman from prison caused me to re-think traveling to the Sunshine State.  My sometimes intimidating extra large black presence could generate fear to an Floridian who might shoot me because they were fearful for theirContinue reading “George Zimmerman part 10,001: When you cant get out of your own way”

Roseanne Barr Sued by George Zimmerman’s Parents: She Sent ‘Lynch Mob’ After Us

Barr tweeted couple’s home address The parents of Trayvon Martin’s shooter, George Zimmerman, are suing Roseanne Barr for tweeting their home address in what they say was an attempt to send vigilantes after them. Robert Zimmerman and  Gladys Zimmerman’s lawsuit says the actress and comedian also said she herself might go to their home herself.Continue reading “Roseanne Barr Sued by George Zimmerman’s Parents: She Sent ‘Lynch Mob’ After Us”

Today is Jordan Davis birthday

By CityFella He would have been 19 today.   His life ended on Friday, Nov 23rd 2012 at the Gate gas station  on Southside Boulevard and Baymeadows Road in Jacksonville Florida. Where he was sitting in the back seat of a Red Dodge Durango. Three other people where also in the SUV. Michael Dunn,pulled into the Gate stationContinue reading “Today is Jordan Davis birthday”

Treyvon Martin II: Michael Dunn murder trial begins in Florida

Not getting the same media attention of the Trayvon Martin trail.  Jury selection began Monday in the trial of Michael Dunn, who faces first-degree murder charges for the November 2012 death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis. Angela Corey, the Florida state attorney who prosecuted Mr. Zimmerman, is also the prosecutor in the Dunn trial. Mr. Dunn,Continue reading “Treyvon Martin II: Michael Dunn murder trial begins in Florida”

Why ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws aren’t going anywhere

Alvin Duplessis, 10, left, and Thomas McGriff, 5, foreground, hold signs with others from the Watson Memorial Teaching Ministries Church of New Orleans, at a rally held in reaction to the recent George Zimmerman acquittal in New Orleans, Saturday, July 20, 2013. The Rev. Al Sharpton‘s National Action Network organized “Justice for Trayvon” rallies nationwideContinue reading “Why ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws aren’t going anywhere”

Just 4 for the Thrill of it ! Oakland’s black bloc anarchist from the Burbs

  You can see them coming out of the Bart station ,they have a certain look (black pants , a dark blue or black back pack. ) and they seem to travel alone.    A couple of years ago during the Occupy Oakland they threw rocks at us for trying to put out a smallContinue reading “Just 4 for the Thrill of it ! Oakland’s black bloc anarchist from the Burbs”

Zimmerman: Now What?

Florida’s stand your law ground has allowed another murderer to walk.   Zimmerman isn’t the first, he is simply the person YOU know about.     Trayvon Martin isn’t the first person of color killed in Florida under the law.he is simply the person your familiar with. This seventeen year old was killed last yearContinue reading “Zimmerman: Now What?”

” The George Zimmerman Show” “in HDTV”

Starring: George Zimmerman Co Starring: Mark O’ Mara (his Current Attorney) Dont Mess with BW! In what could be the beginning of a media tour may have stalled yesterday.   George Zimmerman , the man accused of murdering teenager Trayvon Martin pulled out of  a  planned interview with Barbara Walters on Wednesday.   The interviewContinue reading “” The George Zimmerman Show” “in HDTV””


The world was stunned when they learned George Zimmerman wasn’t charged and was released after killing Treyvon Martin. Most of us understand the concept, of  defending your home or defending when one is in immediate danger.   The Florida law is unclear as many unarmed fleeing Floridians have been chased down, shot in the back and stabbed to death.   Leaving familiesContinue reading “BOYCOTT FLORIDA ?”

Tweet 4 Tweet…… Just saying for Tuesday,April 3,2012

Q:  Who are Elaine and David McClain A:  A couple….. A: An Elderly Couple (one half of the couple has a heart condition) A: The Elderly Couple who went into hiding after actor/director Spike Lee, incorrectly  told 200,000 of his followers the McClain’s address was where Treyvon Martin’s shooter George Zimmerman. The McClain’s continue to receive death threats Q:Continue reading “Tweet 4 Tweet…… Just saying for Tuesday,April 3,2012”