Germany Is Betting Everything On Electric Cars

Image: Volkswagen   BY: Bradley Brownell/Jalopnik   Earlier in June the German government announced a huge economic stimulus package with sweeping incentives pushing the country toward an electric transit future. In all, the country will be spending some 130 billion euros on an economic recovery plan that involves cash for Germans buying electric cars, aContinue reading “Germany Is Betting Everything On Electric Cars”

These are the 15 most romantic towns to visit in Germany

  Every year millions of tourists flock to big cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. But for anyone seeking something a little more picturesque and authentic, here are 15 of the most romantic towns and small cities in Germany. By: Anja Samy/The Local Germany   1. Bamberg (nearest city – Nuremberg) Like Rome, this smallContinue reading “These are the 15 most romantic towns to visit in Germany”

Meet the matchmaker hooking up US soldiers with German women

Matchmaker Jessica Dreyer. Photo: private By: Emma Anderson/The Local With thousands of American military members and personnel in the Wiesbaden (Germany) community, there is certainly a market for foreign singles looking to settle in. And that’s where matchmaker Jessica Dreyer steps in. When Wiesbaden native Jessica Dreyer started working at the US Army Europe headquartersContinue reading “Meet the matchmaker hooking up US soldiers with German women”

Eight weird habits you’ll pick up in Germany

In Germany men sit down when taking a pee. Photo: DPA When you go back the homeland for your Christmas hols don’t be surprised if people look at you a bit funny – you’ve probably picked up one of these peculiarly German habits. Not crossing the street until it’s green Berlin’s famous Ampelmann. Photo: DPAContinue reading “Eight weird habits you’ll pick up in Germany”

Germany will soon have more refugees in work than out: report

Refugees from Afghanistan train in Jena to learn metalworking. Photo: DPA. The number of employed refugees in Germany will exceed those out of work within the next two years, according to a new report.   By the end of 2018, some 410,000 refugees will have jobs in Germany, newspaper Bild reports, citing a new studyContinue reading “Germany will soon have more refugees in work than out: report”

Germany: hits back at bullying

Bullying stock photo: Shutterstock As footage of violent attacks on children by their peers increasingly finds its way onto the internet, a court in Lower Saxony on Monday handed three-year sentences to perpetrators of a May assault on a 14-year-old girl. It was only by chance that the victim did not suffer serious and potentiallyContinue reading “Germany: hits back at bullying”

Germany: Burger King closes 89 franchises over scandals

WFollowing earlier reports of poor hygiene, the fast food giant announced Wednesday that it was terminating contracts for 89 franchised outlets because of continued poor treatment of staff. The move was effective immediately, Burger King Europe said at its Munich offices. But German franchise holder Yi-Ko said it will keep operating the outlets at leastContinue reading “Germany: Burger King closes 89 franchises over scandals”

Germans ‘trust cleaner more than their doctor’

Germans are more likely to trust their cleaner than their neighbors, doctor or colleagues,  Germans are more likely to trust their cleaner than their neighbor, doctor or colleagues, a survey released on Monday revealed. Forty percent of those asked by opinion pollsters Forsa said that they would trust their cleaning staff to be alone in theirContinue reading “Germans ‘trust cleaner more than their doctor’”

‘Working hours in Spain are too long’

Spain moves to a different rhythm to the rest of Europe with people working, eating and going to bed later than anywhere else. In The Local’s latest opinion piece, we ask whether its time for a change to the country’s habits. The siesta was apparently banned in Spain in autumn 2012, and not for theContinue reading “‘Working hours in Spain are too long’”

Why elitism is dragging France down

  France‘s National Assembly where the corridors are patrolled by an elite who are not good at doing their job, argues author Peter Gumbel. There is no egalité when it comes to France’s ruling class, which is dominated by an elite clique where a ‘jobs for the boys’ culture prevails, argues British author Peter GumbelContinue reading “Why elitism is dragging France down”