We Haven’t Changed Our Thirsty Ways, Baby!

By: CityFella Its nearly 19 feet long , over 6 and a half feet wide, more than 6 feet tall and weighs nearly 3 tons and General Motors is selling nearly every one they can build. The Suburban, and its twins the GMC Yukon and soon to be released Cadillac Escalade are extremely popular andContinue reading “We Haven’t Changed Our Thirsty Ways, Baby!”

Hard times and the SUV

Damm, last week a gallon of gas was $2.79  on Sunday, I filled my tank at $ 2.85 at the Arco on Stockton and Fruitridge today the gas is averaging three bucks a gallon. Despite the gas prices and hard times America’s love affair with the SUV is far from over.    Many SUV ownersContinue reading “Hard times and the SUV”