Are natural disasters part of God’s retribution?

Roman Catholic Theologian examines the idea that natural disasters are divine punishment By: Matthew Schmatz/The Conversation This piece originally appeared on The Conversation Seeing the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, conservative Christian pastor John McTernan argued recently that “God is systematically destroying America” out of anger over “the homosexual agenda.” There were others who disagreed overContinue reading “Are natural disasters part of God’s retribution?”

Lunch and the Lord

Children and Mass can be a game of Russian Roulette.  By Kissy Dugan-The American In Italia I‘m a lapsed Catholic. If you pointed a gun at my head and made me decide on an organized religion, I’d probably go with Judaism. Or Buddhism. Or maybe heroism. Wait, that isn’t organized. Still, when my in-laws celebratedContinue reading “Lunch and the Lord”

Can’t Get Beyond the First Date? “Close Your Purse

“Close Your Purse”  This term  applies to gay, straight, men and women.  Cant seem to get beyond the first date? Your out on the first date and the pause button on yourmouth malfunctions….and you proceed to tell your date about your past including everyone you ever dated.     Telling every thing, overwhelming your date withContinue reading “Can’t Get Beyond the First Date? “Close Your Purse”

Out of the Box

 Writer Jodi Jill tells her extraordinary story of being raised in a 10-by-20 storage unit, cut off from society and denied school — and how she finally found the strength to change her life.      For most people, making the trip to their childhood home may include visiting an old swing set in theContinue reading “Out of the Box”

Good thing we live here,

(Overheard) OMG can you believe all those people over there hating Americans.  You know we didn’t make that video that was just one stupid man… OMG, we don’t do that here in America.   Everybody going crazy and hating a whole county because of one man.. Its crazy, you couldn’t pay me to live there.  IContinue reading “Good thing we live here,”

Chick-fil-A’s Really? Your Kidding Right? Just sayin……….

Freedom of speech is the political right to communicate one’s opinions and ideas via speech. Prehaps you can find the asterisk K Let’s try this one…… Opinions…….. When did we lose the right to have one?   K I live in the real world, where, public figures, people working in the media have lost their jobs becauseContinue reading “Chick-fil-A’s Really? Your Kidding Right? Just sayin……….”

No more end of the world predictions from Family Radio Preacher

Last year, Harold Camping, told his followers,the world would end on May 21.  His followers spent millions spreading the word buying billboards.  Many sold their homes and gave away possessions. A preacher who spent millions of dollars to publicize his message of impending global doom has for the first time acknowledged his apocalyptic prophecy wasContinue reading “No more end of the world predictions from Family Radio Preacher”