How NBA executive Jeff David stole $13 million from the Sacramento Kings

  By: Kevin Arnovitz/ ESPN   THE MOVING VAN from Sacramento chokes its way through Miami’s thick August air. It contains the objects of Jeff David’s life, all destined for the Davids’ new house in the affluent Pinecrest neighborhood. It is July 2018, and much of David’s family is on hand to help with the move.Continue reading “How NBA executive Jeff David stole $13 million from the Sacramento Kings”

Do not Tear down Sleep Train Arena

I was within a few feet of Sacramento’s former City Manager John Shirley, when he announced the Sleep Train could not compete with the new arena. Something about a non-competing clause. Sealing the fate of the 30 year old complex. Arco, (now Sleep Train) opened in 1988 its cost a mere 40 million (below averageContinue reading “Do not Tear down Sleep Train Arena”

Kim K. your husband Kanye has cracked, he needs medical attention

“Slavery was choice” Kanye has had a mental break.  He isn’t TV ready.   Last November he was hospitalized and put on a psychiatric hold shortly after a concert in Sacramento where he went on a rant comparing himself to Donald Trump.   There is something desperately wrong.

Welcome to Sacramento: Get out of our Parks

  The Citizen’s Hotel opened in 2008.   The building was once the former headquarters of California Western State Life Insurance.  Built in the 1920’s the building was one of Sacramento’s first skyscrapers. The Citizens hotel has become very popular for those who want something different from the cookie cutter hotels in the area asContinue reading “Welcome to Sacramento: Get out of our Parks”

Oakland Didn’t Have a Chance Keeping the Raiders and that’s a good thing!

On the East end of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge is Oakland California, the home to over 400,000 citizens    It has long been in the shadow of its glitzy neighbor across the bay.   In the last few years the city has changed and it is rapidly becoming the place to be inContinue reading “Oakland Didn’t Have a Chance Keeping the Raiders and that’s a good thing!”

Two Songs and Done Kanye West Storms out of Sacramento Concert

After being ninty minutes late with some concert fans paying more than $300 to hear Kanye at Golden 1 Center got a less than what they paid for.  What they got was two songs and  17 minutes of his thoughts and opinions. (Caution, if you are offened by langauage stop here) We could you tell youContinue reading “Two Songs and Done Kanye West Storms out of Sacramento Concert”

BREAKING NEWS: Angelina Jolie is NOT moving to Sacramento

  West Natomas: Angeline Jolie is not, has never planned to move to Sacramento. A rumor started by a party of one suggested Ms Jolie was relocating her small active family of ninty billion children to the realtively quiet confines of Sacramento.  Here in Sacratomatoville, the media  (with the exception of CW31) would leave herContinue reading “BREAKING NEWS: Angelina Jolie is NOT moving to Sacramento”

Trapped in Downtown Sacramento

Final touches are being added to the New Golden 1 Center at 5th and J Streets in Downtown Sacramento. After more than a decade of ultimatums and threats ,the new home of the Sacramento Kings will open October 4th with a Paul McCartney Concert. The half billion dollar venue can accommodate 17,500 for basketball and 19,200Continue reading “Trapped in Downtown Sacramento”

The Best BIG Department Store in Sacratomatoville Spring-Summer 2016

The Big downtown Macy’s at 5th and L is currently the best big department store in the Sacratomatoville. Last Saturday, South Natomas resident Vanessa Daniels needed a blender stat! Her shopping options were the Wal Mart and Target stores in North Natomas off Truxel Road. Both stores are closer but the traffic is a nightmare.Continue reading “The Best BIG Department Store in Sacratomatoville Spring-Summer 2016”