Jenn and her electronic quake

I lived in San Francisco when the  89 Loma Prieta quake shook Northern Califotrnia.  Those few  seconds forever reshaped my life.  Most of us then still has landlines and cordless phones was tbe norm.   Within seconds. the city was without power.  Being a person who never throws away anything, we found our old our low tech phones and they worked .  If you hadContinue reading “Jenn and her electronic quake”

A dead Osama Bin Laden and that uneasy feeling

It was almost a typical Sunday evening, The Amazing Race was on,  and just as I was going to find out which team was going to be eliminated the show was interrupted by ‘A Special Report from CBS News  ” American Forces have killed Osama Bin Laden”   I listened without  reaction. I considered turningContinue reading “A dead Osama Bin Laden and that uneasy feeling”