The Golden State Warriors Have Broken the NBA

The reigning NBA champions now have another All-Star in DeMarcus Cousins, and the entire league is left to wonder: What’s the point? By: Ben Cohen/Wall Street Journal Remember when the Los Angeles Lakers signed LeBron James? That was adorable. The Golden State Warriors responded to one of the most seismic moves the NBA has ever seen on MondayContinue reading “The Golden State Warriors Have Broken the NBA”

SPORTS GONE WRONG: The Oakland Coliseum may be without professional sports team

By CityFella, Opened nearly 50 years ago, the Oakland Coliseum Complex has aged well.  It was built at a time when Professional sports were moving away from the central city and towards the suburbs, near the freeways.   Was the home of the San Francisco Warriors who relocated from the old Civic (now Bill Graham)Continue reading “SPORTS GONE WRONG: The Oakland Coliseum may be without professional sports team”

Donald Sterling “Simply a stupid man”

By CityFella Black Coaches and Players of the Los Angeles Clippers have long known of their bosses racism. Six years ago a  long term executive of the franchise   unsuccessfully sued their boss citing race. The federal government were successful in their suit charging he engaged in discriminatory rental practices against Hispanics, blacks, and familiesContinue reading “Donald Sterling “Simply a stupid man””

Sports costing taxpayers billions

Out with the old-In with the new 1.7 billion dollar Meadowland Stadium Home to the New York Jets and The New York Giants located in East Rutherford,New Jersey THE BUSINESS AND POLITICS OF SPORTS DeMaurice Smith to reach a new agreement that covers players working conditions, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wrestles with his state’sContinue reading “Sports costing taxpayers billions”