Temper tantrums, freeze-outs, betrayal: What really went down at ‘Kelly and Michael’

Page Six Photo: David E. Steele/Disney ABC By Dana Schuster/Page Six On Tuesday, Kelly Ripa strolled onto the set of “Live With Kelly and Michael,” declaring her unofficial strike over. “I’m going to be completely honest,” she said “I’m fairly certain that there are trained professional snipers with tranquilizer darts in case I drift too far offContinue reading “Temper tantrums, freeze-outs, betrayal: What really went down at ‘Kelly and Michael’”

Kelly Ripa is Pissed

By: Ian Mohr and Oli Coleman/Page Six Kelly Ripa had a “total meltdown” after getting blindsided by the sudden departure of her “Live” co-host, Michael Strahan — spitefully calling out “sick” on Wednesday from their ABC morning talk show. “Kelly sees this as the ultimate betrayal,” one insider told Page Six. “There’s been a totalContinue reading “Kelly Ripa is Pissed”

Caught on video- Thieving teacher gets paycheck!

You gotta love living in America. Where else could Jo Ann Maxwell  a Physical Education teacher receive a paycheck, after she was filmed by a student at Linden High School  allegedly rummaging and removing items from  student backpacks and pockets. Linden, California is an hour southeast of Sacramento.  2000 people call Linden home.  For weeks some of the students at the schoolContinue reading “Caught on video- Thieving teacher gets paycheck!”

Could You Date A Man With A Violent Past?

ONCE AN ABUSER, ALWAYS AN ABUSER? COULD YOU DATE A MAN WITH A VIOLENT PAST? – By Brande Victorian– Madame Noire As you get older, you outgrow a lot of labels. Perhaps you were a nerd in school because you were smart, or dated a guy seen as a jock because he valued athleticism, or maybeContinue reading “Could You Date A Man With A Violent Past?”