McConnell’s Revenge?

It was all agreed upon.  The Government would stay open, the he screwed Mitch McConnell and the GOP Senate and chose to listen to Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh who told him her must keep his promise or lose face. The President’s  “Must have a Wall”  chorus is growing softer by the hour.  Four members joinedContinue reading “McConnell’s Revenge?”

Traveling during the Shutdown (Suggestions)

  Its not business as usual at the nations airports. Including Sacramento International.  Some 51,000 TSA officers, along with air traffic controllers, are among 420,000 federal workers required to work through the shutdown, but without pay. The Transportation Security Administration plans to begin closing a handful of security checkpoints at airports around the U.S. theContinue reading “Traveling during the Shutdown (Suggestions)”

President Trumps last pitch for Wall, or Fence or Poster

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was smacked down by Fox News, Chris Matthews on Sunday. After a humiliating blow to Senate Republicans, Mitch McConnell is giving the Prez a big FU!    He isn’t sending anything unless its pre-signed by the Prez. The Republican Senators up for re-election next year are defecting to the dark side (TheContinue reading “President Trumps last pitch for Wall, or Fence or Poster”

A Fine Day in America

  Yesterday, was a very special day in America.  For the first time in the history of this great nation. The newly elected members of the 116th Congress looks like the beautiful mosaic that is America.   Latinos, Whites, Blacks, Christian, Muslims, Native Americans, and members of the LGBTQ Community. It was a moment for me. Continue reading “A Fine Day in America”

Trump’s Shutdown: 400,000 will have to work without pay

    They’ll be alright ! Yesterday , one congressman said, if the government shuts down government employees will be alright.     When asked by a reporter about the potential consequences of a shutdown for federal employees.  Scott Perry of Pennsylvania said he didn’t believe they’d be seriously affected because  in the event of a shutdownContinue reading “Trump’s Shutdown: 400,000 will have to work without pay”