Despite Bankruptcy: Detroit Plans Downtown Hockey Arena

Amid all the uproar in Detroit lately about impending bankruptcy, endangered pensions and possible sale of precious artwork, there’s been surprisingly little buzz about a topic that tends to ignite controversy whenever it arises in U.S. cities. That would be the use of public tax dollars to finance sports stadiums. In Detroit, the Ilitch family’s proposedContinue reading “Despite Bankruptcy: Detroit Plans Downtown Hockey Arena”

DisneyGate: Lisa Serna Mayorga Jailed

Lisa Serna Mayorga,  daughter of the late Mayor Joe Serna and is the sister of Sacramento County Supervisor Phil Serna was arrested yesterday. She is accused of misappropriation and grand theft of public funds, forgery and making worthless checks. Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson’s’ former council operations manager charged over $19,000 for personal items, trips and vacations including a Disneyland vacation.Continue reading “DisneyGate: Lisa Serna Mayorga Jailed”