Looking Sideways: Despite deficit, Sacramento City Council wants 400,000 in slush funds

Disneyland for everyone !!     Apparently, the city council  views Measure U as a bonanza.   Sacramentians voted to tax themselves for extra police, fire and services. In addition to their salaries, the council wants $391,500 which amounts to $43,000.-(including the mayor) per council member ,to use as their discretion. The vote is tonight.

‘Ghost’ wants clean cops; police station locked up for 6 months

JABALPUR,INDIA: The foremost qualification for a posting to Pandola police station is “saatwik” (pure) character, declares Gokul Suman, former sarpanch of Pandola gram sabha in Sheopur. The expression, he explains, means an austere life. Those who don’t fit the bill, Suman says with all seriousness, “cannot last a day in the building known to be haunted”. Suman has seenContinue reading “‘Ghost’ wants clean cops; police station locked up for 6 months”

Secret documents reveal Australian Military has issues with women on the front lines

SECRET Defence documents have revealed an extraordinary litany of reasons why it fears letting women fight in frontline combat roles – including increased sexual harassment, litigation, deaths and battlefield pregnancies. The concerns include “almost certain” personal privacy problems while working with men, males trying to protect females in war zones and women being considered notContinue reading “Secret documents reveal Australian Military has issues with women on the front lines”

S&M couple tried to extort money from Swiss Banker

Shh, I’ll keep your secret…………… It was the summer of twenty eleven.   The Geneva banker laid out big bucks for two sadomasochistic sessions at Geneva hotels.    At a third meet-up in December last year, the woman secretly filmed her bondage session with the banker. The 34-year-old Polish dominatrix, a trained political scientist and  herContinue reading “S&M couple tried to extort money from Swiss Banker”

45 men found sharing one bedroom flat

The cost for housing near Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates) is very expensive.  The Sharjah Municipality (a suburb oF Dubai,  rounded up 45 bachelors living in a one-bedroom apartment of a residential building in the Wasit residential area in Sharjah. This is against the municipality’s rules and regulations and ensures safety and stability for families in residentialContinue reading “45 men found sharing one bedroom flat”

India’s flip-flop on gay sex angers India’s Supreme Court

Additional Solicitor General says Home Ministry not in favour of decriminalising homosexuality; Government issues statement saying, ‘it has not taken any stand’ In Mumbai / New Delhi Embarrassed with the goof up it made in the Supreme Court during the hearing on decriminalisation of homosexuality, the Home Ministry on Thursday clarified that it had not calledContinue reading “India’s flip-flop on gay sex angers India’s Supreme Court”