One Signature away from Legal Discrimination

By: CityFella On Friday,  Seventeen Republican  Senators from the State of Arizona voted to pass Senate bill 1062.  Thirteen Democratic Senators voted against the Bill. In the House: Twenty Four Democrats and Three Republicans voted against the Bill while  Thirty three Republicans voted in favor of the bill. Senate Bill 1062 The bill, re-defines andContinue reading “One Signature away from Legal Discrimination”

The United States Supreme Courts Decision on Arizona’s (SB1070) Immigration Law

  2012 United States Supreme Court Justices (top row left to right) Sonia Stomayor-Stephen Breyer-Samuel A. Alito  Jr-Elena Kagen (sitting  left to right) Clarence Thomas-Antonin Scalia-John G. Roberts                                                      Continue reading “The United States Supreme Courts Decision on Arizona’s (SB1070) Immigration Law”

Of borders and bullets

If you want to maintain a relationship with Mexico, even the long distance kind, you have to accept upfront that pain and disappointment come with the territory. You know full well that, sooner or later, politicians fail you, friends betray you, heroes disappoint you, lovers leave you, and life breaks your heart. So then, perhapsContinue reading “Of borders and bullets”