Claire Foy and Matt Smith in “The Crown”(Credit: Netflix/Robert Viglasky) Netflix’s ‘THE CROWN’ literally revolves around Claire Foy and she was paid less than Matt Smith, who played her husband By: Erin Keane/   I don’t know if you’ve heard, but women are angry. We are fed up; we have declared #TimesUp on the grabbing and theContinue reading “Pay Her “SHE’S THE QUEEN”

What IS a homophobic Racists to Do?

 Women kissing women, White men with Black Women, Men Kissing Men,  Latinos with Asians,  Jews dating Muslims, what is a homophobic Racist to Do? By CityFella Once upon a time in Entertainment America, everything was all white, the standard of beauty was white. Usually blondes with blue eyes.   With the exception of a CubanContinue reading “What IS a homophobic Racists to Do?”

She could have been America’s Sweetheart- But then “Katherine Heigl” spoke!

Katherine Heigladmits she sometimes puts her foot in her mouth and said, “I would tell myself to shut up too.” The “New Year’s Eve” actress shares in the new issue of Elle what it was like to have public opinion turn against her in the wake of her saying that her breakthrough movie, “Knocked Up,”Continue reading “She could have been America’s Sweetheart- But then “Katherine Heigl” spoke!”

Desperate Housewives: When must see TV is painful TV

Sorry Gabby, Sorry Bree, Sorry Lynette and Susan.  I keep clicking my heels hoping that a tornado permanently destroys Wisteria Lane , so I can remove you from my Hulu Queue. Once a part of my must see TV,along with the original Law and Order, Grey’s Anatomy, you have become  painful to watch. Writer,producer Marc Cherry has run outContinue reading “Desperate Housewives: When must see TV is painful TV”

Critic’s Notebook: A high TV body count at the end of this season

Death by gunfire and just plain death were quite popular this year as a ploy to keep viewers. Too bad it’s all so routine and calculated. By definition, finale season is tough on a viewer’s nerves. Like a college lover heading home at the end of spring semester, your favorite show wants to make sureContinue reading “Critic’s Notebook: A high TV body count at the end of this season”