German project spotlights happiness through the eyes of a child

By: Rachel Stern/The Local Germany What is a happy day for you? To find the best answers, dance teacher Karina Sillmann began asking the children, ages 7-12, in her class in Aschaffenburg near Frankfurt. Even over the holidays, amid the gift-giving and glittering Christmas markets, happiness for them boiled down to the immaterial. One girlContinue reading “German project spotlights happiness through the eyes of a child”

Actually, we can buy happiness

The more you think about it, the stranger the distinction between spending on experiences and buying things begins to seem Nobody in history bought anything for any reason other than how it made them feel.’ Illustration: Michele Marconi for the Guardian By:Oliver Burkeman/UK Guardian You’ll be happier if you spend money on experiences rather thanContinue reading “Actually, we can buy happiness”

Is Happiness a Choice?

Do you consider yourself a happy person? Can we simply choose to be happy? It may be a little more complicated than that – but it’s always worth it. By: Pamela Gail Johnson/From Betty Confidential When I founded the Secret Society of Happy People, in 1998, I intellectually knew a lot about happiness. However, IContinue reading “Is Happiness a Choice?”