Bye Felicia ! (her real name) Teacher sentenced for giving lap dance to student in front of class

By CityFella,

On February 26th , 42 year old Felicia Smith lost her mind.  But she found it yesterday in in a Houston Court.

She was sentenced to three years of deferred adjudication Friday, after being removed from her Houston classroom for grinding on a 15-year-old boy.

It was the boy’s 15th birthday.  He  told investigators his teacher placed a chair next to her desk and other students yelled for him to sit down in it. Music began playing and Smith began performing a “full contact lap dance.

Another student recorded video at the Stovall Middle School in Adline, Texas outside of Houston.    The recording shows Ms Smith  sitting down in the student’s lap, moving back and forth and touching him all over his body.

During a police interview, the teenager admitted that he “slapped Ms Smith buttocks a few times” At the dance’s conclusion, Smith “got on her two knees and placed her head between” the boy’s legs, police charged. As she hugged the birthday boy, Smith said, “I love you baby, Happy Birthday.”

While Smith remains licensed to teach English Language Arts and Reading in grades 4-8, Texas state records note that she is “currently under review” by the State Board for Educator Certification’s professional discipline unit.

She said she fell on top of the boy, making the class laugh, only after becoming dizzy.

She say’s her students  were the ones who convinced her to do the dance.

Come on say it….. “Bye Felicia”




His 12 year old Brother Blabbed, Middle School Teacher Kathryn Murray Busted!

It was February 11, mom and dad were out.  The elder brother (15) asked the younger brother (12) if it was okay for Mrs Murray to come by after 11 pm ( not a school night)

Around midnight, the younger brother went into his brothers room and found a tan bra and a used condom on the floor.  His brother was in bed and the outline on another person was next to him(well hello EVERYBODY!)

The older brother thought introductions were  necessary…..  Mr’s Murray say hi to my brother…… (from under the covers “Hola” )   The younger brother recognized the woman’s voice .    He said when she left she said “Adios”

The older brother is in love…he told Police  he had kissed her and had sex with her with his pajamas on and he pulled up her skirt.

His family wasn’t feeling the 28 year old  Murray and a restraining order is in place, and she cannot have any contact with the lovestuck teenager.   She is also barred to go near Memorial Middle School where she taught for three years.

A few days ago she was arrested for sexual assault of a child and booked into Harris County (Texas) Jail and being held on $250,000 bond.  Her career as eighth grade teacher is over and the parents at the Memorial Middle School can rest with one eye closed tonight.