Update: Couple Doing Time for Love @ Home Depot

    Last month, Emily Craig and Shawn Bowden was arrested for having sex in a shed at a North Charleston Home Depot.    Craig  pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and providing a false name to police. She was sentenced to time served, the 22 days she spent in custody following her arrest. Bowden was sentencedContinue reading “Update: Couple Doing Time for Love @ Home Depot”

Love on display @ Home Depot

By: CityFella Check In times at most hotels is after 2pm.  But what if you need a room sooner?   Your not looking for anything special, no rooms with a view, no internet , air conditioning nah.  You simply need a room and a room right now. 20 year old Emily Taylor or Jessica AnnaContinue reading “Love on display @ Home Depot”

Friday mash up

Candyman At my other office “Alhambra Safeway” yesterday.  I saw this guy feeling up these huge bags of candy marked down 50%.  Fifty percent ! I thought to myself-and quickly realized my big azz didn’t need s big bag of candy and walked away.   Making my way to the front of the store, I thoughtContinue reading “Friday mash up”