SUCKING it up for the HOLIDAYS

From the Butterball ads, to the movies and TV specials.  Tis the season to be Jolly, fa,la,la,la,la,la la la.    Where everyone makes it on time to cut the perfect Turkey.   We are sucked in by perfect images of  flawless food and the perfect families. Its all kisses and hugs…Ahhhh, what  a crock! ThanksgivingContinue reading “SUCKING it up for the HOLIDAYS”

Out of the Box

 Writer Jodi Jill tells her extraordinary story of being raised in a 10-by-20 storage unit, cut off from society and denied school — and how she finally found the strength to change her life.      For most people, making the trip to their childhood home may include visiting an old swing set in theContinue reading “Out of the Box”

Isn’t it rich…………..

Hot Chocolate is hot chocolate, I’ve never gone out of my way for hot chocolate.  Marshmallows or whipped crème it’s Hot Chocolate.   So when my daughter said I must try this Hot Chocolate, I wasn’t moved. My first sip of Classic American Hot Chocolate ($3.75)wasn’t exciting, my daughter said, “Dad you have to get inContinue reading “Isn’t it rich…………..”

Epic Burger Fail

Hungry beyond  belief.   My meal isn’t weight watchers approved.  Cheeseburger, fries, a small slice of cream cheese pie. A large patty, grilled onions,big thick  juicy tomato slices , a big thick slash of mayo and a thick piece of american cheese.    All is right with the world-at least on Sunrise Blvd.   A Coke wouldContinue reading “Epic Burger Fail”

Dufus may get 18 months for stealing Girl Scout Cookie

Some people cant get out of their own way….. Meet Terrell Lillybridge, 30 Terrell was on probation living a halfway house.  His life isn’t Jersey Shore fabulous, he has had a few minor setbacks.  He was sentenced in November 2007 to 57 months in prison following his conviction on a felony charge of being a felon inContinue reading “Dufus may get 18 months for stealing Girl Scout Cookie”

Your in my seat man….

A product of a public school, I know how to count!  One, two, three, four, five…. Row five, seat E.  Your sitting in E, my seat.  The phone stucked to his ear on an animated phone call, so I sit my big ass in six E.  Sitting in denial, hoping that at 911am (plane departsContinue reading “Your in my seat man….”