Throwback Thursday: In 2006, a Charismatic pastor,author, was against gays and gay marriage, until the world learned he was having gay affair and possibly doing meth. His nickname was the Crystal Methodist.

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Time magazine said, he was one of the top 25 most influential evangelicals in America.  His first church met in his basement of his home. his congregation was a devoted twenty two people,  grew into one of the largest churches in Colorado over 14,000 members.

The pastor had strong views about homosexuality..  In 2006, he and his church supported Colorado’s Amendment 43:  The law only recognized a union of a man and a woman.

Sex,Lies and Coverups

Late 2006, a small story about a male prostitute and a pastor of a mega church in Colorado went National.   The prostitute slash masseur said the pastor has been seeing each other for three years, the gentleman said the pastor used meth.    The pastor denied the affair and admitted to buying the meth, BUT threw it away!

Initially, the prostitute didn’t know the pastors identity.  He came forward after seeing the pastor on television supporting Colorado’s prop 43.  “It made me angry that here’s someone preaching against gay marriage and going behind the scenes having gay sex!”

“I did not have a homosexual relationship with a man in Denver”

After months of denials the pastor admitted to having “some” sex with the prostitute and another man who attended his church.

He was fired by the “Overseer” Board of the church he started.  The board wanted him out of Colorado. After weeks of intensive counseling with the churches ministers to help him get in touch with his heterosexual side, the pastor was deemed “completely heterosexual’

Initially the pastor had a lot of support from many in the evangelical community. With one leaders saying  It is unconscionable that the legitimate news media would report a rumor like this based on nothing but one man’s accusation….It appears someone is trying to damage his reputation as a way of influencing the outcome of the election especially the vote on Colorado’s marriage-protection amendment, which he strongly supports.”  Over time support for the well known Pastor faded.

‘Lies from the Church”

The church may not have known about the prostitute ,but they did know about an incident with a male member of the church because they bought his silence. They paid the young man $179,000 to cover his counseling and his college tuition back in 2006.  The young man said the contact was not consensual.

“Where are the Cameras?”

 While others would have disappeared from public life, Pastor Ted Haggard was a constant fixture on TV.   Oprah,to Larry King  and various news shows, he took on those who called him a hypocrite .   But not just news shows, he and his wife Gayle have appeared on reality TV.  Divorce Court, Where he said, he wanted his wife to divorce him after the scandal, saying that he thought he had become so “toxic” that divorce was best.    Celebrity Wife Swap, where he swapped wives with Gary Busey.

“High in Colorado”

New Life, Mega Church the church Ted Haggard founded, is a shell of itself.  Brady Boyd, the Pastor who succeeded Haggard at New Life disclosed information about the scandal  to the New York Times, nearly three years after Haggard was fired.

In November of 2009  with the severance deal of the New Life Church at an end and despite his agreement never to return to Colorado. Ted Haggard posted a message on his Twitter account announcing his intent to begin public prayer meetings in his Colorado Springs home.   A few weeks later the meetings of the St James Church took place in his barn.

Today,  Ted Haggard  says he is bisexual. He is still married, his wife shares pastoral duties.  In one interview e said he opposed gay “marriage,” but supported domestic partner benefits. His church accepts Gay’s and his congregation has outgrown the barn,

There is something delicious about exposed hypcriporcry.  Someone finally getting their “just deserts”   For four years I wrote about the Crystal Medotdist on this and other platforms.  The man who bought and threw away his meth.  The man who said he was molested as a child.

He was an onion, on every news show, there was something different, we learned something new.   Perhaps he was playing us.  On one show, his family was barely surviving.  In one publication he said, if he were 21, he could Identify as a gay man.


“2010”  Ted Haggard is back in the pulpit

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Redemption or Ego?

Today, Ted Haggard is rebuilding and re-branding his life.  His return to Colorado Springs was personal.  The size of the Congregation at New Life Church is around 10,000 , 4000 fewer members than when he pastor.

In a world of second chances, Haggard says he is not gay and do not desire men.

In an interview published in the February 2011 issue of GQ Haggard said, “I think that probably, if I were 21 in this society, I would identify myself as a bisexual,” adding that “Just like you’re a heterosexual but you don’t have sex with every woman that you’re attracted to, so I can be who I am and exclusively have sex with my wife and be perfectly satisfied.





These Worst First Date Stories Are So Damn Awkward

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By: Korin Miller/Mens Health

Uh, can we not talk about your ex the whole time?

“I can’t wait to go on another first date!” said pretty much no one, ever.

While first dates give you a great chance to get to know someone new, trying to cram the basics of your life into a few hours while getting the 411 on someone else can be stressful as hell.

Of course, some first dates turn into meaningful relationships (it helps when you follow the 5 best first date tips). But it sure can feels like you have to go through some real, uh, winners before that happens. Just remember you’re not alone in this seemingly endless struggle to find an eligible human.

For some reassurance, people on Reddit are spilling details about their absolute worst first dates ever and we are so here for it. Read on, and rest assured.


The Relationship Interview That Masqueraded as a First Date

When @KatetheGreat22 went on a first date, she probably wasn’t expecting the crappy experience that unfolded. Instead of actually acting like a normal person, her date treated her like she was applying for a job…as his girlfriend.

Literally we sat across from each other at a table at a coffee shop. He did not order a drink, and he fired questions at me like it was a job interview. Then he ended the date after a half hour. But he texted me later wanting to see me again. I guess I made it to the second round of interviewing?

The Girl Who Just Wanted to Freeload

Sure, there are some things you want to know about your potential partner upfront, but one girl made it very clear to @LikeAstonEdMonkey that she was just looking for someone to take care of her. Just a tip: Asking about someone’s credit score on a date is a really, really bad idea.

We met online and she was cute and charming online so I asked her out. Over dinner, I remember being asked what my job was, if I ever had been arrested, how was my credit, and how many “partners” I had in my life. She was angry that I didnt want to go out with her again and I ended up having to block her number. I know she found out that I made really good money and she was basically a gold digger looking to get married.

He looked hot and fresh on Growlr 

You can never be totally sure online.    His online pictures looked crisp and hot.  But what made him stand out to @Urbanbear916  was his intellect, he had more to say than most online.  They learned they had a lot in common, from vintage cars to Reality TV.

We talked online for about three weeks before agreeing to meet for coffee.     A man in a dingy blue shirt entered Starbucks and asked for a cup of water his body odor was strong I assumed he was one of the unfortunate homeless who lived downtown.   When he turned around it was HIM, everything about him was dirty, his clothes needed washing and his nails was filthy.  Under the dingy was a handsome man.  He wanted to talk, I wanted to escape, his odor was so sharp it burned.  We still talk and he wants to go out, but I can’t bring myself to tell him he stinks. 


The Guy Who Read Way Too Much Into Things

People can get so nervous on dates that they talk a lot, but asking the other person questions and actually interacting with them is what makes this whole thing a “date.” Apparently, @AmyLovesTheOrioles’ date didn’t get the memo.

The guy spent the entire time talking about himself and his accomplishments and never asked me a single question about myself. We finished our meal and I said that I had to go home. When I got home, he texted to see if I wanted to go out again. I declined. He then continued to text me long strings of insults because I didn’t love him. After the first [painful] date.

The Guy Who Was So Not Ready to Be Dating Again

Getting back out there after a breakup is tough. But it’s probably a good idea to make sure you’re over your last relationship before you try to start a new one. Apparently @MyCatsRock’s date wasn’t quite there yet.

He got drunk and cried about his ex gf that dumped him for some douche.


The Guy Who Thought ‘Date’ Meant ‘Free Advice’

Showing someone you’re interested in their career is important. Blatantly trying to use them for free labor — on a date — is pretty much the worst idea ever.

 I went on a date with a guy & in the middle of dinner, he asks me “you’re an accountant, right?” i say that i am. he pulls out a folder & says “this is my tax return from last year. would you mind taking a look at it? i want to know if the guy i paid prepared it properly.

The Guy Who Set the Bar Too High

When you make first date plans, it’s generally expected that you’ll stick with them — or at least clue your date in if things change. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen with @Chop117.

Told me we were going to go to this restaurant I really had been wanting to go to in our town. He said he would pay for the meal. The foodie in me was pretty excited to try this place I had never been to before. When we walked right past it I start questioning where this date was going. So we ended up at McDonalds. He ordered himself some food and promptly asked me if I wanted something, which of course I denied. Que the next 45 minutes of almost silence except for him chowing down on French fries.

The Recovering Alcoholic Who Seemed to Have a Test

Addiction is scary, and recovery is tough. But @OhSoEasy made it pretty clear that she would not have ordered a beer if she had known that her date was a recovering alcoholic. Instead, the date ended up being super awkward.

We met at a sit down Chinese restaurant. I ordered a beer. He pulled out a medallion he wore around his neck that was given to him from Alcoholics Anonymous. He told me he was in recovery. It was awkward after that and I couldn’t drink the beer in front of him. I never saw him again after that.


Uganda’s President Wants to Ban Oral Sex, Says the “Mouth is for Eating”

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“The mouth is for eating, not for sex. We know the address of sex,” says President Museveni.

By Damola Durosomo/Okay Africa

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has issued what he calls a “public warning” against oral sex.

The president claims the practice has been pushed on Ugandans by “outsiders,” and argues that the mouth is solely for eating.

“Let me take this opportunity to warn our people publicly about the wrong practices indulged in and promoted by some of the outsiders,” he told the press during an address.

“One of them is what they call oral sex. The mouth is for eating, not for sex. We know the address of sex, we know where sex is,” he continued.

According to the Daily Mail, back in 2014 Museveni stated that performing oral sex could cause people to get worms. “You push the mouth there, you can come back with worms and they enter your stomach because that is a wrong address,” he is quoted as saying.

That same year he passed the “Anti-Homosexuality Act,” which makes being gay illegal in Uganda, and makes it a criminal offense to not report someone for being gay.

Though it’s sadly clear that Museveni is serious about his disapproval of oral sex, folks online have managed to find the humor in his comments.







Adventures in Dating in Online Dating 2016A Two Eggs over Lube

They met on a dubious gay site. A site where there are no last names and where telephone numbers are quickly deleted after the meeting.  After about a hour of chatting online the two exchanged telephone numbers.    Both men are in their fifties.

Neither man had real expectations of a relationship or a friendship. The purpose of this site was close encounters of the brief kind.

Early the next morning, one of the men called and invited the other man for breakfast.

This is very unusual, but they agreed to meet, after all they had a pretty good discussion the night before.

The two men agreed on a time but not a location.    The caller admitted one of his shortcomings was indecision, with the exception of work , its difficult for him to make up his mind.  So the man on the other end took charge and agreed to meet him at a restaurant near the lake.

The breakfast went okay, no one seemed dissapointed, and the conversation was relaxed.

Both men were free on this weekday and the one asked if he wanted to get together later as he had errands.  The indecisive man, wasn’t sure, and spent four minutes deciding, and saying he may have planes later.   This was a sign and the other man backed off.

With his chores complete he decided to go to a local bathhouse.  Once inside, he saw Mr Indecisive, in a towel with both hands covered in lube.  I didn’t know I was coming here? he said.   Well looks as if your planning to cum somewhere  (delayed confused laughter)  I gotta go, I would shake…you know, lets elbow bump, I’ll probably call you later,  Okay?  

The man said okay.  Truth was, what he wanted to say was fuck you! you lying bastard!


More Adventures in Online Dating

The Unexpected Third Wheel

The Freaks are out on Craiglist just waiting for you!

He was completely normal online

 The Hype

Run! Tippy Hedren Run!

Gay Slurs in San Francisco? Texas Governor Rick Perry, Trips Over Tongue

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has come under fire after comparing homosexuality to alcoholism.

The 2016 presidential hopeful was addressing the Commonwealth Club of California when an audience member asked his view on the Texas Republican Party’s recent endorsement  of “reparative therapy,” the largely discredited process by which gay and lesbian individuals can supposedly be “cured” and made straight. Perry hesitated to echo the endorsement, the San Francisco Chronicle reports—but he was less shy when asked if he considers homosexuality a disorder.

“Whether or not you feel compelled to follow a particular lifestyle or not, you have the ability to decide not to do that,” Perry told interviewer Greg Dalton. “I may have the genetic coding that I’m inclined to be an alcoholic, but I have the desire not to do that, and I look at the homosexual issue the same way.”

The statement places one’s sexual orientation in the same category as a medically defined disease that can damage nearly every organ in the human body. It also presumes that alcoholics—like gay people, in Perry’s view—can simply “decide not to do that,” despite the fact that alcoholism by definition entails a compulsive physical dependence that changes an alcoholic’s brain chemistry.

Perry’s comment reportedly drew a “murmur of disbelief” in a room presumably filled with the governor’s supporters, who had come to hear him speak about energy independence. (Perry primarily argued that economic development is stifled when policies are determined by the federal government.)

That crowd response was a slightly comforting glimpse of how far flagrant homophobia (such as a recent statement by Scott Esk, a Tea Party candidate for an Oklahoma state House seat, voicing support for stoning gay people to death  has trailed away from mainstream political life.

OklahomaTea Party Candidate Scott Esk Wouldn’t have a problem with Gays Being Stoned


The Late Night Lesbian


Indigestion, PBS, email and the long road to lesbianism 

After several decades of marriage, children,grandchildren and great grandchildren a dear friend discovers she is gay.  Unable to sleep, she writes me a lengthy email about her life.   I have her permission to tell her story as long as I do not reveal her identity as her discovery is new and most of her friend and family are unaware.

Alice (not her real name) grew up in small mid western town.   The nearest town of size had four thousand people.   Our community was very small, everyone went to the same school, everybody went to church. You were either Baptist of Methodist, I was raised Methodist.  ” We didn’t go out like people do now, no restaurants or hamburger stands”  “First time I went to a restaurant I was about 14 years old”

We didn’t have a TV, a few of our neighbors had one, but it wasn’t a big deal to me, I always like to read and  listen to the shows on the radio.

Alice had always like girls and through the years had several crushes. She liked men but not the same way she liked women.   She  knew she was different but one thing she knew, she wasn’t one of those dykes.

 Growing up she heard ,sissy, dyke and queer. That’s how people in her town described gay people.  Overtime she learned the proper term was homosexual.

Her crushes continue through they years.  Hugs from certain women had a different meaning.  In her forties she developed a major crush on neighbor and one day they were talking and the woman suddenly kissed her.  It was out of no where.   Alice froze, ( she said “I must have looked crazy”) and the woman kissed her again and Alice kissed her back.   The two of them stood  in uncomfortable silence  in the wash room.   Alice walked out of the wash room and down the road to her home and from that moment on, avoided her neighbor.

 I was a mess, why would she?why did I?  Maybe I had a certain look.  What if others knew?   For a while, everything in her life suffered. The family, the house “I  spent a lot of time daydreaming”  While she had crushes before, she had never acted on it or thought about kissing or touching .  “The dam broke in me” “I thought about that woman all the time and her lips and how natural it felt to kiss her. I think I made more of it in my mind, but it was wrong, a sin. I prayed, and prayed .     

 Troubled and needing someone to talk to, she drove an hour to a church in another town it didn’t matter what church but I couldn’t speak to anyone in my town what would he think of her, what if he accidentally told someone else?

  “I spoke to a very young preacher who asked me if I had relations with her ? He told me she was a product of the devil and it was good that I wasn’t speaking to her.   The devil is cunning and comes in many disguises and the kiss was his way to confused you, but your faith is strong!  She said she drove away uneasy. I didn’t tell him of my feelings and how my body felt when she touched me and how I thought of her every day.

 Months, years passed, I avoided her.  If I saw her, I would turn around and go the other way.  I didn’t have to worry about seeing her in church cause she was Baptist. We never spoke again one day driving past their house I noticed the truck was gone,they moved. 

Her husband had a long battle with lung cancer. She believe his cancer was a result of her sins , because he never smoked.

A few years ago she sold the house and moved closer to the city.  One night she had major indigestion ,she believes due to too much Alfredo and Summer Sausage.

Channel surfing, she stopped on a channel where they were talking about the Stonewall riots in the 70’s  in New York.  She says an older lesbian couple were  talking about how they met and one of she women said she knew she was different but did not believe she was gay or homosexual.  What she knew from her upbringing, gay women  dressed like men and wanted to be men.   She couldn’t relate to that.  She liked, soft pretty clothes dresses,still does. She didn’t want to dress like a man “I like being a woman”

Alice said, I sat straight up in the recliner.   The TV was on, but she didn’t see or hear it. Could she be gay? That was her story.  A long time ago ,her brother showed her a picture of a gay woman. The woman wore what looked like to be men pants and shirt, the woman’s hair was slicked back, the shirt she was wearing was rolled up with a pack a cigarettes in the sleeve.    It never occurred to her that there were many different types of gay women. Well of course, it makes sense, she said to herself. There are many types of people. why wouldn’t there be different types of homosexuals.

She fell asleep in the chair and woke up troubled.  Is she homosexual?  If she is, how can she reconcile with the fact that it is a sin. How do homosexuals meet other homosexuals?  She considered driving to San Francisco to meet a homosexual and decided against it.

Alice thought she would go to the library and study up on homosexuality but someone at the library might ask her why she was checking out books on homosexuality and think she was a homosexual.   “I drove all the way to Reno to a bookstore there and then I panicked ,who would I ask?   —so I walked around the store looking for the homosexual section until a worker took to Gay and Lesbian section.  I learned gay meant men and lesbian meant  women.   I spent close to four hundred dollars on books.   At home I worried my daughter would find the books.

Alice read and re-read the books, that was two years ago.   She has shared her story with me and a select few.  She said for the first time in her life she can put her finger on it.  Lesbian.  When I asked her if she had a girlfriend? she laughed and said baby steps.  While she hasn’t told her children, two of her grandchildren know and one nephew.  Doesn’t seem to bother them a bit and my nephew is very supportive.

She doesn’t know if she will ever be out, I do know my god loves me.   Alice says,she is at peace, maybe for the first time in her life.   You know something? she says?   I’m a Lesbian.


Japans Gay Community wants better living conditions

As the number of countries legalizing gay marriage has risen, the gay and lesbian community in Japan has been encouraged as well to engage more and more in activities that will improve their living conditions.

Japan does not have an anti-gay law or legal protections for homosexuals. Some in the gay community are actively seeking legislation to guarantee their rights, but others, especially those who remain in the closet, prefer a more gradual approach by striving to solve problems they face in their daily lives, activists say, according to Kyodo news agency.

Kaito Akechi, 36, a gay activist who has been lobbying for a “partnership law” in Japan to provide legal protections for same-sex couples, said his group aims to raise the status of homosexual couples so that they can be treated the same way as heterosexual couples in common-law marriages.

Japan situates itself in the middle when it comes to gay marriage. While it does not obviously discriminate sexual minorities, it does not show too much support either for recognizing or legalizing unions between same-sex couples.

Gay or lesbian marriages are not legal in Japan and civil unions between same-sex couples are not recognized either.

However, the first lesbian wedding in Japan was hosted this year, in March, at Tokyo Disneyland. The two brides, Koyuki Higashi and her partner Hiroko, decided to tie the knot, with the nuptials being only ceremonial.

“My love Hiroko and I wore wedding dresses and had a mini-parade in DisneySea, a place I also love,” Ms Koyuki Higashi, 28, said at the time. “I was really happy!”

From Tokyo Times


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