Live a little, its only $75,000 a night

Of course, its in New York City It’s  10,000 square feet of luxury, five bedroom, four fireplaces, six bathrooms and two wet bars, if your dry.   The living room, with 26-foot ceilings, is located in the corner tower of the building and is large enough to be converted into a full-sized grand ballroom. Outside, there’sContinue reading “Live a little, its only $75,000 a night”

SMF Reset: 10 million passengers needs a full service airport hotel

If you flew into Sacramento International Airport monday night and needed a hotel room you soon discovered there weren’t any hotel rooms available within a six mile radius of the hotel. This isn’t uncommon. There are nearly 1300 rooms south of the Airport.  Many of those hotels  are full Monday through Thursday. Nationally the averageContinue reading “SMF Reset: 10 million passengers needs a full service airport hotel”

Spanking the Demanding Customer

photo: Google Tantrums, Threats, and Violence:  For a free drink A Career of Bad Behavior There are some people who believe they’ll get better service, upgrades, if they are demanding.      Many of these people believe loud and obnoxious, is an effective tool in getting what you want! The prize is can range  fromContinue reading “Spanking the Demanding Customer”

Italy: Ghost hotel ‘celebrates’ 61 years without guests

The ill-fated hotel is much loved by local pigeons. Photo: Work began on Italy’s Grande Hotel San Calogero more than 60 years ago, but in spite of being renovated and inaugurated twice, the hotel has never entertained a single guest. The project was developed by the region of Sicily to promote the beauty ofContinue reading “Italy: Ghost hotel ‘celebrates’ 61 years without guests”

HOTEL CONFIDENTIAL: Crimes Preventable

Somewhere at a hotel in America, A car break in occurred as the guest slept.  A guest was attacked in her room.  Valuables where stolen and most of these crimes where preventable.  The Industry spends millions in security giving their workers tools to protect the guest.   Most hotel crimes are preventable, the following areContinue reading “HOTEL CONFIDENTIAL: Crimes Preventable”