Broke Down Diva

What is a”Broke Down Diva?”

A woman who wants everything her way and nothing else! (Jennie.G)

A Female that expects everything from someone else (Trophy wife) ( Stephanie F)

A pretender, a Diva wanna be, who gets off on belittling others, wants to live the lives of the Rich and famous but she eats at Denny’s and shops at Ross (Wayne. C)


The Sacramento Applebee staff knows who she is.  She visits the restaurant on Friday nights with an entourage (6 to 10 people) during the restaurants busiest period  between 7-8.   She doesn’t want to wait and has on occasion slipped onto table as the patrons were leaving insisting, her table cleaned immediately!   She makes the staff wait, as she inspects the water glasses and if one doesn’t meet her standard then she demands all the glasses replaced.   Everyone food, must meet her standards, or they’re returned.   Ignoring her means DRAMA, something she seems to enjoy.  If doesn’t matter if “A” server has her hands full of hot platters, doesn’t have to be her server.  SHE must be attended to immediately.   Loud disagreements are common place, if she isn’t getting her way!   ” Any in fraction should come with a discount, after all it wasn’t perfect, something she expects every time. She has memorized the customer service number and has complained in the past when her all demands weren’t met!     She openly tells her friends the wait staff  should be thankful that they are receiving a tip from her.    She feels  her 4% or 9% tips are more than generous considering the service!


She arrives at the hotel in her signature gold outfit, with matching purse, polyester on parade.   She wants nothing but the best, her initial tone is pleasing, if she is displeased it becomes shrill.   She arrived at 1am with a story.  Another hotel had her on hold for more than an hour  OMG! OMG! she cried!   She wanted a suite but a suite wasn’t available.  She was appalled! “You don’t have a suite!  (They expected her to say OMG-but she didn’t)   She is expecting a visitor.  She has always stayed in a suite at this hotel.  And her demeanor says she had  never experienced a pedestrian room!    A room without a sofa and amenities!   She reluctantly accepts a “pedestrian room.  A few minutes later, she returns and says she is sick to her stomach.  How could she face her company in such a room?   She calls the reservation line to locate a suite in the greater Sacramento Area, however, she doesn’t want to spend much.  They locate a reasonably priced suite near Cal-Expo that’s 20 dollars more.    She apologizes, and thanks the front desk for not charging her for THAT room.    Oh my gawd!


Tracee is well known to the merchants of this small foothill community.  For her outrageous behavior, demanding discounts and returns.     Some of the cashiers go on a break when she walks in.  She is always over dressed and over perfumed.  She wears stilettos in the rain, everyone knows where she is at all times by the clacking sounds of her shoes. She often keeps the items until the last day they can be returned.   She will argue past closing time.   One supervisor said, I hate to say it, but I think we all hate her.  She goes out of her way to be mean and just nasty!    There is no reason for her to be like that!    If anyone in this town is a Broke Down Diva, Tracee (not her real name) fits the bill.




Hotel Confidential: Civility in the Trump era

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The temperature a sudden change in the air.  Anger and hostility at some the hotels with guest attacking staff and guest fighting with other guests.

In some parts of the country, Latino’s notably Mexicans workers is the cornerstone of many hotels, running the front and back offices.

In the last few years,workers with an accent have been verbally and physically attacked simply because they have accent. At a southern California, a quest slapped a housekeeper for responding to another housekeeper in Spanish.

A guest refused to check into a hotel and demanded their reservation cancelled without penalty because the front desk agent was Muslim.

Some guest refuse to interact with employees who have accents, often demand that an “American’ complete their transaction.

Some guest have complained about two or more employees speaking to each other in another language.  Demanding they only speak English.

 There were racist guest before Donald Trump.  Since his election many hotels have seen a major spike in racist behavior with guest verbally and physically attacking hotel staff, with most of the rage towards Latinos.


Cable News: one show is too right (Fox) the other one is too left (Msnbc) and one is kinda alright (CNN)  In a perfect world the hotel would have three televisions. When there is one Television in the dining area, the safe choice is center.  

A guest wrote a complaint letter to the hotel chains customer service department.   In the letter he said, he couldn’t believe that hotel chain would have CNN on the television a network known for its fake news.  He was so disturbed, he could barely eat his breakfast and will never stay at that hotel again!

In Sacramento, a guest demanded the channel to be changed to Fox News.  He says he spends thousands with the hotel and he wants to watch Fox.  and when the worker said she didn’t have the remote.  He threw his plate into the television screen and stormed off screaming.   He later, told the manager the worker’s attitude made him do it.!

An argument over one of Trumps polices, turned into a brawl including one 71 year old grandmother, police were called.

No one can recall the animosity exhibited today hotels/motels today. .  Guest fighting ,arguing, during the breakfast hour has left some supervisors with no other option than to simply turn the television off.








Hotel Confidential: If Stupid was a crime?

Hotel Front Desk

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Hotels spend millions to insure a safe stay for their guests.  However guest often make it easy for criminals to victimize them. Find a comfy seat near the front desk of any hotel and it’s will overhear hotel guests shouting out credit card numbers, addresses, expiration dates and with the volume on their smartphones set at its highest level , hear both sides of the  conversation.  Pin codes, passwords, detailed instructions on how to gain access to a classified departments all from the comfort of your lobby chair.

For the safety of the guest staff is instructed to write the guest room number.down.hotel staff never yell out hotel rooms or names and never share guest information. 

Wait for it?   Groups, families will yell room numbers, when and where they will meet for lunch.  Were in 1506 , well meet you down in the restaurant at six and then we will out from there your in  319 got it!    So now you ,what room the man wearing the Apple hat and his  I-mac, I pad and I phone is staying .

At check in , guest talking to friends, looking round will often walk away from the counter leaving their wallets purses overflowing with cash and shiny credit cards making it extremely simple for a stranger to walk by and grab their loot.

Despite all they safety information , guests will prop the doors open with all their possessions in the room, while they visit friends and colleagues a few doors down. (Sometimes leaving small children in the room alone)

A lady was outraged after her Toyota Suv was broken into, she said she thought she was staying at a safe place.   She feels violated and she feels the hotel should replace the two laptops she left on the seat, the expensive Cannon Camera on the floor and for the cash left in her other purse left of the floor of her car as well as the broken window .

A family gave a one local hotel a negative review after all their Christmas Gifts was stolen from the back seat of their car.

Common Sense isn’t common and if stupid was a crime……..







Room 108 (a true story)

James Berry has worked at a number of Sacramento area hotels as a  night auditor.  He likes working nights alone, avoiding much of  the drama that takes place during the day between co-workers and management.

Graveyard isnt for everyone, it changes your life, your awake when everyones asleep and your asleep when everyone is awake.   It effects your social life and wreaks havoc on relationships.  You either surrender to your new sleeping pattern or it will eventually effect your health.   A lot of people think they can work graveyard but after about three weeks you notice the tailtale signs, complete fatigue, lifeless eyes and anger.

James has trained many auditors over the years and by day two he can tell how long they are going last.   Some do not return after day two..

The pay at most Sacramento hotels is fair at best and  James is able to make extra cash working at other hotels training staff, filling shifts and from time to time consulting.  He is well known within the area and well respected.

For three years he bounced around several Rancho Cordova hotels/motels.  It was 20 minute drive from Natomas.   Gasoline was average $1.50 a gallon when he started, but as the prices crept up, he was becoming more and more concerned about the cost of driving to Rancho.

James started applying for jobs downtown and Natomas when gas hit 2.30.   Several Hotels were going up in Natomas.  In June, he was hired at a hotel in Natomas, the hotel was in the final stages before opening.   Repairs and changes kept the hotel from opening on time.

Without fanfare the hotel opened several months behind schedule.  James liked the slow paced of the hotel and the management.  There wasnt the drama filled weekends he had become accustomed to in Rancho, no latenight desperate  girlfiends or wives looking for wayward husbands and boyfriends.  No children left alone in lobby, forced to sit there until the adults returned to get them.  He still had the crazy that comes with working with the public, but the location was new and few people knew the hotel existed so the pace was slow.

Arriving at work (on time for a change), James takes the first call of the night. (James believed the first call of the night sets the tone for the shift)  “Could you send someone from your engineering department to room 101-we are trying to watch DVD’s”   I’m sorry, there isn’t a way to connect it.   “Are you sure, were are paying a lot of money and we should be able to watch movies”  I’m sorry,   “Can you send someone from engineering anyway?”  I’m sorry the maintenance person has left for the day.   Your kidding-phone slams!

Great!   James thought to himself.

The phone rings, Hi its room 101 again, could someone bring some cups to the room?   Okay, she is going to be a pest, he thought to himself.    Yes , we have cups at the front desk.   Can anyone bring them to our room..     I’m sorry he said..         Jeez, why?…. he glanced at the calender” Halloween”

The girl came down with attitude…..   CUPS!!!!

Just a second, he said…

Suddenly, two guys run into the lobby, one had a a gun…    James  smiled, as they had long stocking masks on with weird eye cut outs……    Both men run past  the counter  and one grabs the girl standing to the side…….   It’s Halloween and it was one of her friends he says to himself.     as he began to smile he looked into the eyes of the girl….   This was no prank, we are being robbed  Things  happened fast….  The guy with the gun pointed at James in silence….  James unlocked the cash drawer and handed the robber a grey lock box filled with money.    His accomplice was standing in the middle of the lobby dumbfounded, the guy with the gun told him to get the wallets from the other guest in the lobby.   The guy wasn’t sure what to do ” take their wallets and lets go’ he  yelled.     In less than two minutes it was over….      One of the victims ran after the car……

What are you doing? What are you thinking James yelled at the guest….  They had guns….  The other victim, his wife agreed…..       James called 911…….   I am at the  Wick Hotel and we have just been robbed.  What is your address’ again?    3720 Ashford Road.   It doesnt appear on our screen, are you in Sacramento city or county?  I dont know, we are near I-5  Hold on please….     If I had a hatchet in my head I be dead by now…James thought to himself.      Is there anyone hurt... no

Suddenly, James became concerned about the annoying girl…. was there a third person?  two new men appeared in the lobby, we went to the store and our friend was attacked, where are they?  Was your friend in 101, yes….we just came back from the store..   Where are they?   Gone…  Well if i where here I would have kicked their ass....  Man, they had guns…  I had a gun pulled on me before. I anit scared of a gun….    Stupid ass boys, James said to himself.    How is she?   Scared…really scared…. well someone should be with her….. oh yeah.….    Chp arrived first, then  an officer from the Sacramento Sheriff Department, followed by Sacramento PD….  Good thing I didn’t have a hatched in my head. he muttered.


It was a slow Friday night,  James colleuges were hanging around, drinking Pepsi’s and sharing a large bag of Lay’s Potato Chips.     One of his co-workers, was sitting on the counter….     James was thinking of way to get her off the counter without sounding bossy.    You better be careful.  Edie(one of the owners) just works up the street and she would have a cow, if she saw you up there.     Oh yeah... and she climbed down from the counter.

A man came into the lobby…  he was nicely dressed in expensive clothing… causal but expensive.

Its a room, people come into rest to sleep to ……….  Your interaction with the two three minutes at best.  Credit Card, ID…..  thank you……  After a while you build a sense of who is who, the business traveler, the lets make a deal, the someone told me, the occasional traveler, and the first timer.

This guest was blank….. nothing….unreadable…..

Most of the staff at working the front guest were new to hospitality.   Many weren’t professional  and a  little too casual with the guest.  So when the guest approached the front desk, he wanted  to be professional.

Good evening, may I help you……   I want a room.. where you intrested in a king or a suite?  King

smoking or non smoking? King non smoking.     Sir are you a member of out frequent guest program?

No…. Would you like to become a member,it has many benifits and it free.    No....    Sir you room is down the hall to the right.. and we have complimentary breakfast tomorrow morning beginning at 7am.    Did you need a wake up call.?   No..…   Thank You.

It was going to be a long night… at 11:45 he was the last person to check in during  James shift.  A lady came down to ask if her mother called with a credit card could she stay another day…she just drove all the way from New Orleans and lost almost every thing she had during Katrina and was heading to Oregon to her mothers house.    She wanted to tell James her complete life story…from  when she was five years old and how she was mistreated and misunderstood all her life, and while she is 37 she doesn’t look it…. Someone once told her she looked 25…..  I have more fingers than she has teeth, James  thought to himself.  Kill me now!

There were several flashing lights as James turned on to Ashford begin his Saturday night shfit.   Yellow Tape was on the outside of the hotel…   One Sacramento County Sheriff officer was leaving as James exited his car.   The window was broken in one of the rooms.. the drapes flowing out  of a large hole in the glass…

There were several people at the counter in the lobby, colleagues were talking to people wanting to check out of the hotel…  James wanted to know what happen?   Suddenly more people was entering the hotel…. two ladies said…oh were staying…. we are from Detroit…. we’ve seen this stuff before….  his colleague said, there was an incident at the hotel…

A young officer came to counter and said..  I tried my best but I cant get the door to lock..    Okay, James, said …..somebody needs to tell me whats going on….       The shift supervisor said, a guest died in one of the rooms today…      Huh….   that man you rented a room to last night in 108.           Another colleague said.. man. you missed it… Swat was here… they tore holes in the wall… they even shut down the freeway…. and all the news companies were here. Room 108?  yes.. the officer told me , he sealed it off, but the door wont lock..    

The crowd dissipated,  one by one James  colleages all punched out leaving  James and the officer…    How bad is it? James asked.. for a moment he considered going into the room.    Bad, the officer said… a lot of blood, a tissue  is on the headboard.    Are you working alone… Yes…

James looked down the hall, the staff blocked the room with a maid cart.     There was a large diamater hole in the wall in the break room next to room 108.   Determined to lock the door, James lifted up the and  pushed door until it clicked.

Going online, he discovered every channel in Sacramento had a story on the events that took place at the hotel while he slept.   The Guest killed his business partner in the parking lot of a Reno sporting good store.   He had been accused of molesting a minor.

Sacramento Police Department, evacuated the hotel sending a swat team including a robot.  The nearby freeways were closed and a police helicopter hovered above.   They punched a hole in the wall in the break room next to 108, to send a camera into the room.   The Guest shot himself in the head sometime during the night.

The toothless beauty told Television reporters how terrified she was,and how she hadn’t been this scared since Katrina a week ago.   Another toothless man… perhaps it was toothless week in Sacramento, told reporters how he had never seen anything like this before.

Throughout the night people came down and asked if they could check out as they didnt feel safe in the hotel with its yellow tape.

As the night went on, James thought, why did this man, choose this hotel out of all the hotels?  He became angry as no one warned him  and that was he forced to work alone.  The sun came up slowly, as James was working ,entering hotel info on the rear computers. he felt a familiar hand on his shoulder, his typical greeting from Rick,  his relief  for the morning, who always arrives an hour or so  early.   When turned around ,no one there.

James immediately  stood up  and went to the breakfast room  and he grabbed a large chair and sat near the front doors of the lobby until his co-workers arrived.

Two weeks ago, I was robbed….James thought to himself…. I have worked at nearly every other hotel in Sacramento some in scummy neighborhoods and I have never been robbed, and now this…  this might not be the place…….

There are professionals, who clean grizzly scenes… They clean up the blood, and the tissue and other grizzly crime issues.     The manager for what ever reason, didn’t call the professionals, and he and staff members cleaned the blood soaked room.    They removed the blood soaked mattress, replace the carpeting.   They wiped the brain matter from the headboard.   The event has had an lasting  affect on some involved.

Why does someone choose a hotel to kill themselves?  They often choose the bathroom, or more specifically the bathtub, after a hand full of pills or cutting their wrists.   No one died at any of the hotels where he worked.   Usually the person has told someone where is was going and that person called the police or in one case a nude woman came down to the front desk with one arm bleeding. or they call 911 from the room.

Through the years, there have been sightings  of a man in an near Room 108, he never says anything.   Some housekeepers are able to joke it off other are fearful. Some veterans  jokingly suggest taking  a nap in 108.    Many of the hotels housekeeper say they spend little time in the room.    James hasn’t had a sighting , he avoids being near the room.  He wonders if anyone has had dreams or nightmares after spending the night in room 108.



HOTEL CONFIDENTIAL: Smoking Marijuana in a non smoking hotel

By: CityFella
The debate continues to rage on between smokers and non-smokers, as  more Hotel chain go, completely smoke-free  with guests often caught in the middle.
In January of 2006, Westin became the first hotel chain to ban smoking at all 77 locations in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.
Smoking is no longer permitted in guest rooms, restaurants, bars and all other indoor public spaces. Guests are still permitted to smoke on balconies and other outdoor areas*

Marriott went 100 % smoke free in  all their United States and Canada hotels in October 2006.  This is the largest move in the hotel industry to date, affecting over 400,000 guest rooms.

Marriott’s brands include:

  • JW Marriott
  • The Ritz-Carlton
  • Renaissance
  • Courtyard
  • Residence Inn
  • SpringHill Suites
  • Fairfield Inn
  • TownePlace Suites
  • Marriott ExecuStay

Starwood has expanded its smoke-free initiative to all Sheraton and Four Points by Sheraton and Westin hotels in the United States and Canada..

Why Are Hotels Going Smoke-Free?

In response to new information from the Surgeon General over the past few years regarding the dangers of secondhand smoke, requests for non-smoking guest rooms has been on the rise. Many smokers are also in the habit of requesting non-smoking rooms, increasing the demand. Marriott already had 90 percent of its guest rooms designated as non-smoking before the ban was announced; Westin had 92 percent.


You might wanna rethink that puff before the Interview

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For hotels, the benefits outweigh the possible loss of bookings from smoking guests. Smoking rooms incurred more costs for cleaning and repairs of burned furniture and carpeting. Also, having all rooms designated as non-smoking simplifies tracking available room inventory.

Will All Hotels Go Smoke-Free?

Westin and Marriott remain the only two chains that have implemented a company-wide smoking ban, along with dozens of independent hotels.

Other hotel companies, including Hilton, Intercontinental Hotel Group and Starwood (Westin’s parent company) have said they will continue to offer smoking rooms as an option to guests. Even so, options for smokers are shrinking due to market demand. For instance, Hilton already sets aside only 10 percent of guest rooms for smokers.


You can be fired for smoking Marijuana (even at home) Even in Colorado

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(smoking marijuna in a non smoking hotel)

First things first, if you enjoy smoking, don’t choose a non smoking hotel.

Fees for lighting up range from $200 to $375.

Some hotels use electronic devices others rely on the old tried and true .(the nose) .

Giving a choice, some front desk employees would prefer a mellowed Marijuana smoker, to an out of control drunk.  However,there are others employees who may call the police , in fact lighting up your favorite form of Cannabis  could land you in jail .

Marijuana, has a  distinct odor, it draws attention to passers by.  Opening a window will simply distribute the smell throughout the hotel.  Placing a towel under the  door could cause a reaction in the sensor in the room and may cause the smoke detector to go off.

It often comes down to the  hotel clerk or management and their position on marijuana .

One manager at a Yuba City hotel has instructed his staff to call the police if they suspect someone in a guest room of smoking marijuana.

People who smoke Marijuana in a hotel are stupid and should got to jail. Every time we have called the police it was a positive call, a lot of grown people have been in rooms with teenagers smoking.  I don’t like it, my guest don’t like it and if dont’t react  they don’t come back.”

A Scene from a Natomas Hotel

“Last summer man checked in on one of those cheap, Priceline rates, he and whole family were smoking Marijuana  in the room, even the boy who couldn’t be more than 15 or 16 was caught smoking in the hallway  in his underwear by one of the housekeepers.  When he got his bill, he went crazy saying he didn’t smoke.   The assistant manager called the police and he was arrested,  I think he had a lot more of that stuff in the room.

Many non smokers are extremely sensitive to smoke and will call the front desk to report someone smoking..

One couple took matters into their own hands.   A couple called to complain about room next door,her husband has emphysema  and they could smell smoke coming from the room and wanting something done!

The front desk called the suspected room ,‘ nobody’s smoking here” .    We called the room and relaid the message,  ” They are too smoking.  this is a non smoking hotel and you better do something! ”  What we can do is move you to a different room-why do we have to move!- I want to speak to the manager! I’m sorry the manager isn’t available. ” If something  isn’t done, I’m going to call the police, the  smoke could kill my husband!”

The main console buzzes-someone has called 911.    The front desk calls the room, there’s no answer.    Security is sent to the room-from the elevator he can hear yelling.    Security radio’s down to the front desk and says people are fighting in the hall.     When one of the staff arrives, he sees  two couples arguing in the hallway.  One man had two cigarettes in his mouth. (we guess making a point) his wife is yelling at him demanding he return to the room,   the husband was trying to hold his wife back as she is yelling at the man.      Meanwhile the ruckus was disturbing other guest who were now calling the front desk.   The Police never showed..  And the offending guest left the hotel calling the woman a lunatic and vowing to sue Marriott “saying they had rights as smokers and was going to sue Marriott”.

While they did not charge him for the room, they did charge him $250 for smoking.

* Marriott does not allow smoking on hotel balconies 

Hotel Confidential: The X Files

A few days ago The Marriott Corporation announced  that it will Ban Porn is all of its new properties that will be opening in the next few years.   The Texas based Omni hotels stopped offering porn in 1999.


Most of the Major hotels offer adult movies it is a major source of revenue for the industry.   Hotel charge as much as $14 to view an adult movie in your room.  Many of the larger hotels offer as many as 20 adult channels 24  hours a day.    Simply change the channel and after 2 minutes your credit card is charged.(Note: if  your traveling with children asked the front desk person to turn off all pay channels before going  to your room)


Opps we didn’t know!

Its late night, your walking down a long corridor to your room and pass by a room who’s door is partially open, in the room two people are clearly having sex..  Error? maybe…..

ex·hi·bi·tion·ism noun \-ˈbi-shə-ˌni-zəm\

1.a : a perversion in which sexual gratification is obtained from the indecent exposure of one’s genitals (as to a stranger)b : an act of such exposure
It begins with a knock on the door “housekeeping” Followed by another knock on the door ” housekeeping” then a pause, and then she opens the door with supplies in hand.   As she enters a room-she discovers a  fully nude male lying on the bed with an erect penis.
She quickly exits the room and tells her supervisor.  Who returns with her to an vacant  room.
Exhibitionist come in all shapes and sizes, they are laborers, professionals they range in age from 25 to 75.    They never speak or touch the workers.
One such guest scheduled to stay in an  area hotel for two months exposed himself to housekeepers every day.   The housekeeping supervisor tried calling the room to see if it was vacant and when that didn’t work  she called management.  The guest  (in his early thirties ) told management that he was hard of hearing and he would make it a point to cover himself.
By day four, the housekeeping staff refused to clean his room .  One of the housekeepers suggested taking a front colleage with her.
Day Five:  Knock Knock Housekeeping! Knock Knock Housekeeping! She opens the door and her six foot four 360 pound black male colleague discovers the man amusing his penis on the bed.   Started, the man quickly wraps a sheet around himself and later checks out of the hotel.
Female guest aren’t as aggressive as male guest.  They may come to the lobby late night, wearing sheer clothing or come down to the front desk wearing only loosely tied robe making small talk.
2: the act or practice of behaving so as to attract attention to oneself

11:40am (check out time is at noon) a couples love making, draws the attention of passerby’s on the first floor, screaming -moaning, sounds of items hitting the wall- most people passing the room smiled or chucked, however their neighbors were outraged, demanding something to be done!

After several phone calls to the room the Assistant Manager went to the room knocked on the door a few times with no success. He returned  with a heavy flashlight-knocking on the door “this is the front desk manager” again with no response.

He returned to the front desk, after a discussion with the hotels General Manager they agree to wait…



12.30pm  The General Manager calls the room-no answer…   He  then walked to the love nest (room 128) the door was open, the room as vacant.    He said the room was perfect, the beds were made and the used towel folded in the bathroom and on the table was a ten dollar tip for the housekeeper.

I won’t tell……

It’s not uncommon for front desk employees to get an invitation for dinner or a drink in the guest room.     The  weary traveler just wants to have someone to talk to….    I’ll leave the door open…..

Hotel Confidental-Hysterical Blindness

Welcome to Sacratomatomville Post….  old blog new name…

12:23 pm   A very friendly guest approached the counter.  Hey we would like to stay another night.   Sure, the agents says with a smile.  We want to move to a higher floor he says.   That wont be a problems, she replies, oh  wait a left a deposit. so we will  have to inspect that room first.  Okay the man replied.  I have to go out to my truck.

One of the housekeepers noticed a large dog in the room  as she passed by.     Hey Sherri there is a large dog in 107.   a dog ? she replied.  yes looks like one of those Rottweilers!    107 ? Sherri said to herself .. isn’t that the room that man was in.   Sherri walked to the room…. The guest was in the hallway.  sir, do u have a dog in your room?

No…he said, 

Just as he said that, a man with a large black Rottweiler returned to the room .  We’ll he’s not really a dog, he is a service animal.        Do you have papers Sherri asked in a sturned tone?  Yes, he said, there in the truck I’ll be right back,.  Sherri walked into the room, and the smoke was thick,  beer cans on the tables with cigarettes on top of them.      The man returned, holding on to the walls., I can’t see my blindness returned.  Sir you can see!  you were just fine a minute ago..   No it comes and goes….where are you he asked?    You know where I am.   Sir, we are a non smoking hotel…   No one smoked in the room.  Sir there are beer cans  all over the room, you were using them as ash trays.   I don’t remember that, and what if I wasn’t the one smoking?  I doesn’t matter we have to charge you the two hundred and fifty dollars.   What! he asked?  thats bullshit…  Oh now ,you can see she said… Yeah, we are keeping your deposit…. So you, your friend and the dog,gotta get out of here.   This is bull shit  he said as he walked down the hallwall

It was a mircle, Sherri thought to herself….his sight returned….