Broke Down Diva

What is a”Broke Down Diva?” A woman who wants everything her way and nothing else! (Jennie.G) A Female that expects everything from someone else (Trophy wife) ( Stephanie F) A pretender, a Diva wanna be, who gets off on belittling others, wants to live the lives of the Rich and famous but she eats at … More Broke Down Diva

Room 108 (a true story)

James Berry has worked at a number of Sacramento area hotels as a  night auditor.  He likes working nights alone, avoiding much of  the drama that takes place during the day between co-workers and management. Graveyard isnt for everyone, it changes your life, your awake when everyones asleep and your asleep when everyone is awake.   It effects your … More Room 108 (a true story)

HOTEL CONFIDENTIAL: Smoking Marijuana in a non smoking hotel

By: CityFella The debate continues to rage on between smokers and non-smokers, as  more Hotel chain go, completely smoke-free  with guests often caught in the middle. In January of 2006, Westin became the first hotel chain to ban smoking at all 77 locations in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Smoking is no longer permitted in guest rooms, restaurants, … More HOTEL CONFIDENTIAL: Smoking Marijuana in a non smoking hotel