Dave Wilson, the cut and paste Black Man

By:CityFella Hoodwinked, scammed, bamboozled and down right pissed  is the feeling shared by some African Americans who voted for Dave Wilson in Houston Texas.   If your Dave Wilson, your chuckling (the experiment was successful) Dave Wilson is well known in Houston Politics.    In 2001, Wilson successfully pushed a city charter amendment barring benefits for theContinue reading “Dave Wilson, the cut and paste Black Man”

Katt Williams needs a time out

Katt Williams  is rapidly joining  the short list of celebrities acting badly .       The problem Katt is he  not quite there (a celebrity) yet.       Charlie Sheen has the bucks to buy a small american city.   Lindsey Lohan can get a gig         However, few outside theContinue reading “Katt Williams needs a time out”

Southern Travels : Lovin da Megabus New Orleans to Austin

After 13 torturous hours on the hound.  This by the seat traveler got his act together.  Bought a Megabus ticket  on my Samsung.  From New Orleans  to Houston Texas and from Houston to Dallas and from Dallas to Austin.  It was gonna be a long day…. Megabus is well known in the south, and East Coast.  Low fares fastContinue reading “Southern Travels : Lovin da Megabus New Orleans to Austin”