Build the Arena at Downtown Plaza*

We have long opposed  of the construction of an arena  in downtown Sacramento.  We have argued need, cost, and investment to the community.     This financially strapped city had spent more than a million dollars on studies related to the Arena. The Railyards Through the years there  have  many locations considered for a new Arena including Downtown Plaza.  However, city leadersContinue reading “Build the Arena at Downtown Plaza*”

Betting it all in Sacramento-The Kings Arena Debate Rages on!

With the March 1  deadline rapidly approaching,  the Sacramento  City Council will ask Tuesday to allow staffers to dive into deeper discussions with the remaining 10 firms. The council will eventually be asked to issue a request for proposals seeking formal bids from private companies on the city’s downtown parking spaces, garages and enforcement. The garagesContinue reading “Betting it all in Sacramento-The Kings Arena Debate Rages on!”

Planned Obsolescence: Sacramento Arena (Just saying for Monday, June 6,2011)

If the new Sacramento Arena opened today in the Railyards it would be second smallest in the NBA, just above the Power Balance Arena.  When Thomas Enterpriseses bought the 240 acre Railyards in 2006, his vision was for a mixed use community combining residential, commercial projects with entertainment venues, museums, and public parks with accessible public transportation. Continue reading “Planned Obsolescence: Sacramento Arena (Just saying for Monday, June 6,2011)”

20,000 people with no where to go

In the seventeen years I have lived in Sacramento, Arco Arena has been topic one, overshadowing budget shortfalls, service cut backs, under performing schools.    There are many who believe the cities image would be devastated if the Sacramento Kings left Sacramento.     Despite its short comings, Arco Arena  averaging  200 events a year ,is oneContinue reading “20,000 people with no where to go”