Adventures in Blackface: Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Apologized about the picture Friday, Not so sure on Saturday

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We all have bad days………

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is having a bad week.  This week, the embattled governor has been asked to resign after pictures of him in blackface and in a Klu Klux Klan surfaced.

The 1984 pictures was on his personal page when he was a student at the Eastern Virginia Medical School.

After apologizing on Friday,

 “I am deeply sorry for the decision I made to appear as I did in this photo and for the hurt that decision caused then and now,” Northam said. “This behavior is not in keeping with who I am today and the values I have fought for throughout my career in the military, in medicine and in public service.”

He said he wasn’t resigning.

Epiphany Saturday

In a press conference today.  The Governor says THAT AIN’T HIM IN THE PICTURE!

Actual Wording:  “He does not believe its him”

In fact, he is considering using “facial recognition to prove HE is not the one in blackface.  As for the Klan get up, well…….

The New York Times wrote, the Gov is planning to call his medical school classmates to jog their memories (Is it me, are you sure?)

He has an uphill climb, on Twitter there are quite a few who remember himRelated image

With so many gems from his press conference.    Including his win in a Talent show as Michael Jackson. Were he does remember darkening  his skin ,on a black man who’s skin doesn’t need darkening!   BTW, he knows how to “moonwalk”   I am sure the people at Saturday Night Live (not live tonight) hope he doesn’t resign this week. There is simply too much material .      Did you hear the one about the Virginia governor……………

Members of his Party has asked him to resign including Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, Virginia Republicans have joined them.

Two blackface stories in a week 

This women believed she would be more effective telling a story to children about Africa in Blackface

Victory Christian School Black Face

Click on link below for full story



He Urinated on the Deputy


Placer County Deputies noticed ,Sacramento resident, Steven Holley was acting strangely around the Miners Ravine Natures Preserve in Granite Bay on Thursday..

In a short struggle with the deputies, the 55 year old’s dingy sprung a leak and he urinated on the Deputy.

The Deputies found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia, on the moist suspect.

Perhaps, Holley will used the patent”I was looking for a rest room and how did those get in there?”defense.



Oh hell no! No U Didn’t!

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Mama, don’t play!  Please believe her!  Noah, didn’t but he knows now!

The nineteen year old Noah Sullivan-Lincoln was having an argument ovah a CHEESEBURGER with his mother Cheryl.  

Da Boy

Lost his mind!


Spat in his mothers face!

Then he went off the rails

He smacked the CHEESEBURGER out of her hands and hit her and on her hand and her arm.


57 year old Mama Cheryl ani’t no punk!

That hamburger meat, the bread, the my-o-naise, katsup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, and CHEESE!  Cost money!

That lil bitch boy is getting out of my house!!!!  

Mama, called the Po Po to escort her lil CHEESEBURGER smacken money wasten Bitch boy out of her House.

Po Po took Noah, to the county jail and the boy was ordered by the Judge to have no contact with MOM.

Now she can cook and eat all the CHEESEBURGERS when evah and where evah she wants. 

“Lil Bitch Boy”

Mama don’t play!





Adventures in Dating in Online Dating 2016A Two Eggs over Lube

They met on a dubious gay site. A site where there are no last names and where telephone numbers are quickly deleted after the meeting.  After about a hour of chatting online the two exchanged telephone numbers.    Both men are in their fifties.

Neither man had real expectations of a relationship or a friendship. The purpose of this site was close encounters of the brief kind.

Early the next morning, one of the men called and invited the other man for breakfast.

This is very unusual, but they agreed to meet, after all they had a pretty good discussion the night before.

The two men agreed on a time but not a location.    The caller admitted one of his shortcomings was indecision, with the exception of work , its difficult for him to make up his mind.  So the man on the other end took charge and agreed to meet him at a restaurant near the lake.

The breakfast went okay, no one seemed dissapointed, and the conversation was relaxed.

Both men were free on this weekday and the one asked if he wanted to get together later as he had errands.  The indecisive man, wasn’t sure, and spent four minutes deciding, and saying he may have planes later.   This was a sign and the other man backed off.

With his chores complete he decided to go to a local bathhouse.  Once inside, he saw Mr Indecisive, in a towel with both hands covered in lube.  I didn’t know I was coming here? he said.   Well looks as if your planning to cum somewhere  (delayed confused laughter)  I gotta go, I would shake…you know, lets elbow bump, I’ll probably call you later,  Okay?  

The man said okay.  Truth was, what he wanted to say was fuck you! you lying bastard!


More Adventures in Online Dating

The Unexpected Third Wheel

The Freaks are out on Craiglist just waiting for you!

He was completely normal online

 The Hype

Run! Tippy Hedren Run!

When the Inner Voice Escapes

A few years ago I discovered Cheetos at a friends house in Austin Texas.  Airy, crunchy, cheesy, who knew. Right!

The obese man adding yet another item to my very growing arsenal of snacks foods

I’ve been good, occasionally buying a small bag of Cheetos licking the cheesy goodness from my fingers.

One day, as I was entering WinnCo there they where. Giant bags of Cheesy Cheetos on sale for $1.88.  In my head I loudly said oooooh Cheetos!   The problem was, 6 people heard me!

Someone is on the roof of my car? Really?

Elizabeth Addy  found her husband’s last nerve! The two visited a few bars in area and Richard Addy 69, had enough and left the bar without Elizabeth.

Officer Christopher Ruediger of the Stuart Florida Police Department, noticed Elizabeth 50, on top of an 2011 Toyota Sienna Minivan as it came to a stop at an intersection.  Elizabeth was yelling and waving her hands at him.

The officer did a traffic stop and helped Elizabeth from the roof of the minivan. Mr Addy stood in the median.

Elizabeth didn’t say or mention why she climbed on to the roof of the Toyota, but she did say while up there she did a lot of screaming and banging.

Another Woman on Top of Minivan Story

This man drove 100 miles an hour with his wife on the hood of the Minivan

She had to have strong hands!

(Click Link for this fast moving story)


Richard’s story (brace yourself) is curious at best.  He did NOT know his wife was on the roof.   UNTIL, he stopped at the first traffic light.  That’s when he heard her banging.  He continued to drive with Lizzy banging her heart out BECAUSE he didn’t have a cell phone to call police.  He drove to the Martin County Courthouse in order to find a police presence.

When he did not, he continued to drive until the officer stopped him.

Office Ruediger, noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from Richard.

Richard was arrested for reckless driving, a misdemeanor and permitting a passenger to ride on the exterior of a vehicle.  Richard, pleaded not guilty to both charges

Richard drove six miles with Lizzy on the roof banging her heart out, lets hope she was wearing slacks.




This ins’t Buffalo this is Sacramento Dammit!

Its cold.  COLD!   At 5am the outside temperature in my car is say’s its 32! Why am I up in my car at 5am checking the outside temperature?  Cause I can dammit!  Its my car and I can check anything I want at any time, so sit on a toothpick!!!                     I’m cranky, cause I’m cold!

I’m happy, happy, happy, there is snow in the mountains. Whoo Hoo we need it!      I’m Happy, Happy, Happy for those who are excited about seeing snow and having a White Christmas,  I know people driving up tomorrow up to Sierra’s to see the snow, knock yourselves out.  Make all the angels you can, god bless.

The closest I’m getting to snow is channel Forty.

If their open, I’ll have my white Christmas at Leatherby’s , some good ole vanilla (white) ice cream, with a gallon of hot Caramel syrup, with whip cream (white) with nuts (boulders).

I don’t do cold!

Cold is  Minneapolis, Boston, Portland Maine.   Places where they get their daily cardio by shoveling snow.  Hoo Haa, that’s what I want to do. (NOT!)  Their choices are few, shovel or stay home and watch Maury and Nancy Grace.  I think I would shovel anything to avoid Nancy Grace.  ANYTHING!

The people in the colder states are weird.  When I visit my friends, I notice they are dressed in layers .  They put on layers to lounge.   WTF?   Living, is in my  Fruit of the Looms or Penney’s Towncraft jockeys  and a large floppy shirt. If ya drop by without calling you get to see my ginormous legs and other surprises.     And if I get cold.    Just crank up da heat.

On the east coast, you touch the thermostat and you’ll  return with one less finger. It’s not uncommon for people to have $300 to $500 a month heating bills.

But I’m cold in Sacramento. Cold.  I’m wearing my BIG Chicago, coat.  I bought it in Chicago after I arrived wearing a fleece jacket.   In Chicago, fleece is like tissue paper.    Normally, I wear it a couple a weeks a year in Sacramento, usually in January,February.

When they talked about  El Nin’o they talked about rain, snow in the mountains.

No one mentioned cold!!!  Scraping the fucking windows cold!  Falling on your ass cause there was ice on the fucking side walk cold!  ICE ON A SIDEWALK IN SACRAMENTO?   What the Fuck!

Sorry about the language.  I’m Cranky.  I was taught only common people swore.  People with limitations, limited vocabulary’s.


(    arrow down 😦    )
















What I want for Christmas, is lots of  Freezing Snow in the mountains.  Lots and Lots of rain in the Valley (sorry Rio Linda) and temperatures where they should be in the high 40’s and low 50’s .

Merry Christmas