Ikea: black Swede is not a fit for the Greek Market?

Photo: Private  From: The Local Sweden UPDATED: A Swedish actor has complained of discrimination after he was told he “can’t be black for the Greek market”, in an e-mail rejecting him for a role in an Ikea advert. But the casting company says he was put forward for the job. Fernando, a Stockholm-based stand-up comedianContinue reading “Ikea: black Swede is not a fit for the Greek Market?”

Why Ikea makes couples fight

It’s good that they made it clear about the size of that cinnamon bun. Picture: Reddit The psychology behind why Ikea makes couples fight By: Simone Mitchel/Perth Now HAVING an Ikea bust up is something of a rite of passage in any relationship. And just like with a pizza, you can choose to have yourContinue reading “Why Ikea makes couples fight”

Ikea dumps lesbians due to Russia anti-gay law

Ikea’s interview with Clara and Kirsty can’t be read by customers in Russia. Photo: Ikea Live Swedish furniture giant Ikea has been slammed for removing an interview with a lesbian couple from the Russian edition of a customer magazine, citing Russia’s law prohibiting “gay propaganda”. By:David Landes /The Local The interview between Clara and KirstyContinue reading “Ikea dumps lesbians due to Russia anti-gay law”

LOST IN IKEA (The Austin Chronicles)

If your a person who loves crowds and shopping, Ikea is your store.    Its is designed for the ultimate shopper, the browser who wants to see every square inch of the store.    But what  if your not the ultimate shopper?   What if your the kinda person who shops online, with a click of the button its sent to your door.Continue reading “LOST IN IKEA (The Austin Chronicles)”

IKEA SPYING SCANDAL: Four bosses fired

  Swedish furniture giant IKEA said Friday it was fireing  four current and former managers at its French subsidiary over allegations they used illegal police files to spy on staff and customers.   French prosecutors in April launched a criminal probe following allegations that IKEA paid for illegal access to secret police files to gain informationContinue reading “IKEA SPYING SCANDAL: Four bosses fired”

IKEA SCANDAL (spying on angry customers and workers)

No company has ever treated us so badly,” wrote a woman known as Hanna F. in a letter of complaint to Ikea, French website Mediapart reveals. Hanna had bought a kitchen and beds for her country house at an Ikea store in Evry, in the outskirts of Paris. Ikea delivered the items two months afterContinue reading “IKEA SCANDAL (spying on angry customers and workers)”

Police Officer Leaves Gun in Ikea Toilet

An absent-minded police officer stopped for lunch at a branch of Ikea inStockholm only to discover a couple of hours later that she had forgotten her gun in the toilet.The officer swung off the E4 motorway to take a bit for lunch at Ikea’s flagship Kungens Kurva store in south-western Stockholm. After enjoying her meal theContinue reading “Police Officer Leaves Gun in Ikea Toilet”

Ikea Selling Used Furniture Online

The idea will first be tested in Sweden, but the furniture chain is not against launching similar sites in other countries in the future. “Time will tell,” said Peter Agnefäll, CEO of IKEA Sverige. “We have to start somewhere. We in Sweden are first and it is unbelievably fun.” According to Agnefäll, the new site,Continue reading “Ikea Selling Used Furniture Online”

Torn. A Plastic dilemma

Remember when you went to supermarket and the checker would ask you paper or plastic? Today at most stores its plastic or plastic.    Small plastic bags to Mega plastic bags large enough to hold a screaming toddler( not that you would ever place someones screaming child in a large plastic bag-even though that childContinue reading “Torn. A Plastic dilemma”