You and Yall at Denny’s

Chicago’s own  Natasha West misunderstood Denny’s “All you can eat ” concept.  Based on her actions, she thought it meant “All ya’ll can eat”. The 27 year old was sharing her pancakes with a group of hungry diners. When the Oak Lawn waitress told her it wasn’t all yall can eat for four dollars.  MsContinue reading “You and Yall at Denny’s”

The mother and son election, is only a moment away

Tomorrow, April 9th  is election day  in Dixmoor, Illinois .   Two of the four  candidates share the same name, Casey.  Wendy and her son Randall are one of four candidates vying for the mayor of Dixmoor.  Dixmoor, is 23 miles south of Chicago and home to 3600 residences. Randell lives with his mom,  Randall Casey’s father is Donald Luster,Continue reading “The mother and son election, is only a moment away”

Facebook video leads to teens’ murder arrests

A teenager charged with the fatal beating last week of a Chicago man had a video of the attack on his cell phone when arrested Saturday, a video he also posted on his Facebook page, prosecutors said Monday. Malik Jones, 16, allegedly was playing a game called “pick ’em out and knock ’em out” whenContinue reading “Facebook video leads to teens’ murder arrests”

Dufus may get 18 months for stealing Girl Scout Cookie

Some people cant get out of their own way….. Meet Terrell Lillybridge, 30 Terrell was on probation living a halfway house.  His life isn’t Jersey Shore fabulous, he has had a few minor setbacks.  He was sentenced in November 2007 to 57 months in prison following his conviction on a felony charge of being a felon inContinue reading “Dufus may get 18 months for stealing Girl Scout Cookie”

Guest discovers male hotel worker in her panties, skirt and heels-Sues Hyatt Hotel

Guest is suing the Hyatt Hotel A Los Angeles woman is suing the Hyatt Corporation for a bizarre incident this June during which she returned to her hotel room to discover a male worker wearing her panties, skirt, and high-heeled shoes. In a Los Angeles Superior Court complaint filed yesterday, Dayanara Fernandez, 36, accuses HyattContinue reading “Guest discovers male hotel worker in her panties, skirt and heels-Sues Hyatt Hotel”