Palladio16 Folsom: “The best movie theater in the Sacramento” Period!

Dolby Digital Surround, Hot Buttered Popcorn, Stadium Seats, yawn…….  Pretty Standard fare….. Giant Screens ?  Its the Esquire IMAX Downtown Don’t bother with the Regal IMAX @ El Dorado Hills unless you live near by.  The tall screen is larger than the other theaters in the complex.  It much smaller than the Esquire Imax, and I feltContinue reading “Palladio16 Folsom: “The best movie theater in the Sacramento” Period!”

IMAX vs IMAX “Size Matters”

When it comes to the movie experience, it doesn’t get any better than the Imax, digital picture and sound  projected onto  giant screens.  But not all Imax theaters are equal. Thor was the movie this weekend, and it was showing at both Sacratomatoville  Imax theaters.   Meeting friends I bought my ticket via Fandango forContinue reading “IMAX vs IMAX “Size Matters””