Indian Village Cheers For Kamala Harris

  Al Jazzerra Kamala Harris made history as the first woman, first woman of colour and first person of South Asian descent to hold the US vice presidency. A tiny, lush Indian village surrounded by rice paddy fields is beaming with joy, its descendant, Kamala Harris, takes her oath of office and becomes the viceContinue reading “Indian Village Cheers For Kamala Harris”

India: How Twitter helped a 5-Month old get her food on time

This baby needs milk, baby traveling with her parents in @KonkanRailway ,’s Happa express , please contact Sneha Bapat traveling with them — Anagha Nikam- Magdum (@meanagha) March 12, 2017 Maharashtra Times In a pleasant turn of events, a couple, with their five month old baby – Kartiki was travelling from Gujarat India toContinue reading “India: How Twitter helped a 5-Month old get her food on time”

Wish you were here

By: Christopher P. Winner/The American India should colonize Mars. The world is distracted. There’s ISIS and the headless, Ukraine and the dead, Ebola and the sick. People are distracted, fretful. So who’d notice a little sly ambition? India could move Delhi to the top of the planet, Mumbai to the bottom. Or it could foundContinue reading “Wish you were here”

India: Is homosexuality a disease?

Unfortunately, in India homosexuality is considered a crime  By Altaf Patel, Mumbai Mirror | It is time for Supreme Court to reconsider their opinion reviewing epidemiology, genetics and chemical basis of homosexuality and stop considering it a disease.It seems strange to me, that all over the world people are coming out with their sexual preferences. Earlier, homosexualityContinue reading “India: Is homosexuality a disease?”

Ending Early Marriage In India

Boys and girls from the Saraniya community wearing garlands pose for pictures after their engagement ceremony. (Amit Dave/Reuters)  BY MALLIKA DUTT, SONALI KHAN/The Daily Beast Getting fathers on board to combat the practice is key to changing widespread cultural attitudes, say Breakthrough‘s Mallika Dutt and Sonali Khan. Last week India made the baffling decision not to co-sponsorContinue reading “Ending Early Marriage In India”

India: Battle of dark and fair

Actor, director and producer Nandita Das recently became the poster girl for the Dark Is Beautiful campaign, run by Chennaibased non-governmental group Women of Worth (WoW). The campaign exhorts people to ‘Stay Unfair. Stay Beautiful.’ Shanta Gokhale – Separating the best from the banal on mumbai’s culturescape When I read the story of a dark-skinned IndianContinue reading “India: Battle of dark and fair”

New Zealand Denies Visa to student because his wife is nearly 40 years older

Glyn Kessell, 59, and Balwinder Singh, 22, married three months after meeting at a hair salon. Picture: New Zealand Herald/ Brett Phibbs Source: Supplied NEW Zealand has denied a man’s visa application because his locally born wife is almost 40 years older than him. The New Zealand Herald reports that Balwinder Singh, 22, met New Zealander Glyn Kessell,Continue reading “New Zealand Denies Visa to student because his wife is nearly 40 years older”

‘Only aunties wear sarees? Ridiculous!’

Sabyasachi Mukherjee defends Vidya’s Cannes look, says respect not glamour was his brief. Vidya Balan‘s look at Cannes this year has raised eyebrows and inflamed opinions on an extreme scale. While most felt it overdosed on desi exotica, the man behind the look, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, will have none of it. “You want my point of view? IContinue reading “‘Only aunties wear sarees? Ridiculous!’”

India’s women: Big strides but a long way to go

Indian women might have broken through the glass ceiling on the political, professional and corporate fronts, and urban women especially have made remarkable progress and asserted their independence in many areas involving their career and personal choices, but the fact remains that insecurity haunts them on the streets, in offices, in their own homes or even in the mother’sContinue reading “India’s women: Big strides but a long way to go”