Spain: Fury over Instagram smoking baby photo

A photograph of a baby smoking a cigarette uploaded to a popular social networking site has caused controversy in Spain. The photograph, which shows an adult hand holding the lit cigarette to the baby’s mouth, was uploaded to the popular photo-sharing site Instagram. The photograph has amassed over 2,600 likes and over 36,000 comments sinceContinue reading “Spain: Fury over Instagram smoking baby photo”

Donald Sterling “Simply a stupid man”

By CityFella Black Coaches and Players of the Los Angeles Clippers have long known of their bosses racism. Six years ago a  long term executive of the franchise   unsuccessfully sued their boss citing race. The federal government were successful in their suit charging he engaged in discriminatory rental practices against Hispanics, blacks, and familiesContinue reading “Donald Sterling “Simply a stupid man””

Jaron Lanier :The Internet destroyed the middle class

Kodak employed 140,000 people. Instagram, 13. A digital visionary says the Web kills jobs, wealth — even democracy By: SCOTT TIMBERG Jaron Lanier is a computer science pioneer who has grown gradually disenchanted with the online world since his early days popularizing the idea of virtual reality. “Lanier is often described as ‘visionary,’ ” Jennifer KahnContinue reading “Jaron Lanier :The Internet destroyed the middle class”

Sinead O’Connor,Apple, The end of live classical music,Kevin Hart,SMF, Just Sayin for Tues,April 24,2012

“Scene-Stealer” An actor who draws attention from or overshadows other actors in the same production, as by charm or quality of performance. Last year it was Melissa McCarthy in” Bridesmaids” and this year it Is Kevin Hart in “Act like a Lady,Think Like a Man.  In Bridesmaids she was the one you watched, you knewContinue reading “Sinead O’Connor,Apple, The end of live classical music,Kevin Hart,SMF, Just Sayin for Tues,April 24,2012”