Trump: Underestimating his base

It’s not unusual for Donald Trump’s loyalist to swallow and cover one eye as they bare witness to his unorthodox presidency . They’re not happy with his late night tweets and some of his controversial comments. For many, his promise of change, in the courts to uphold their values is worth it. Members of hisContinue reading “Trump: Underestimating his base”

12 Unexpected Struggles Interracial Couples Face

By Julia Pugachevsky/ When it comes to interracial dating, the people who’ve been there will tell you there can definitely be struggles. In a recent Ask Reddit thread, interracial couples laid out the real obstacles they encounter daily that they weren’t expecting before they got together. 1. When literally no one thinks you’re together. “My husband and IContinue reading “12 Unexpected Struggles Interracial Couples Face”

Edith and me

I met Edith 35 years ago in  her home in  Lodi California.  She and my future father in law lived in an upstairs apartment in a building where she worked, a few blocks from downtown.  Her first indirect words to me, was “does IT have an off switch?  A victim of my non stop chatter. OurContinue reading “Edith and me”

My White Brother in Law*

Oh to be a fly on THAT wall.  The  black (man) fiancee  is coming to dinner  and it’s not Sidney Poitier.  I’m sure there where quite a few questions from the Lodi family. Black People in Lodi? Marrying someone out of my race, wasn’t a total shock from my side of the family, my life wasContinue reading “My White Brother in Law*”

46 Percent of Mississippians Believe Interracial Marriage Should Be Illegal

In a poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, whose function is to “put out highly accurate polling on key political races across the country,” according to it’s website, 46 percent of Mississippians believe that interracial marriage should be illegal. The poll also reveals that the majority of the poll participants are male (53 percent), very conservativeContinue reading “46 Percent of Mississippians Believe Interracial Marriage Should Be Illegal”