Why Penile Implants Are the New Boob Job

A woman tells you what it’s like to sleep with a man who has a medically enhanced erection By: Anka Radakovich/Mens Health Magazine I recently met a guy with a sexual secret. He was 39, in great shape, and in his spare time was a CrossFit athlete. But he had diabetes, and he told meContinue reading “Why Penile Implants Are the New Boob Job”

71 year old redhead accused of leaving a trail of unhappy lovers met online

By:Kay Dibben/The Sunday Mail Ann Stewart with Keith Prince after he signed a contract for the Bracken Ridge house he bought for them to live in together. Source: Supplied A WOMAN accused of “squatting” in the home of a man she knew for only four months has left a trail of unhappy ex-lovers. Retired Cairns, Australia architectContinue reading “71 year old redhead accused of leaving a trail of unhappy lovers met online”

Can’t Get Beyond the First Date? “Close Your Purse

“Close Your Purse”  This term  applies to gay, straight, men and women.  Cant seem to get beyond the first date? Your out on the first date and the pause button on yourmouth malfunctions….and you proceed to tell your date about your past including everyone you ever dated.     Telling every thing, overwhelming your date withContinue reading “Can’t Get Beyond the First Date? “Close Your Purse”

After The Affair

Cheating happens more often than you might think. How do couples get past it? Sam and Mari had been married for two years when Mari learned Sam was having an affair with a co-worker. Sam was working incredibly long hours in his job as a first year law associate at a very large firm. InContinue reading “After The Affair”

Digital Rules for Relationships

Technology gives new meaning to the term power couple. Here’s how to keep these devices from eroding your intimacy. Technology, like most things in life—food, TV, super powers—can be used for good or for evil. Our beloved on-the-go gadgets can be a boon for relationships: They help us find each other in a crowded room;Continue reading “Digital Rules for Relationships”