For the love of pigs

In one Florida farm, pigs were used to help the children of an autistic family. Photo reprinted courtesy of Doug Engle of the Ocala By: Kristine Crane/The American In Italia Recently a friend and his kids paid a visit to my house. It’s funny what kids pick up on. I have a two-bedroom 1940s BungalowContinue reading “For the love of pigs”

Dave Wilson, the cut and paste Black Man

By:CityFella Hoodwinked, scammed, bamboozled and down right pissed  is the feeling shared by some African Americans who voted for Dave Wilson in Houston Texas.   If your Dave Wilson, your chuckling (the experiment was successful) Dave Wilson is well known in Houston Politics.    In 2001, Wilson successfully pushed a city charter amendment barring benefits for theContinue reading “Dave Wilson, the cut and paste Black Man”

Out of the Box

 Writer Jodi Jill tells her extraordinary story of being raised in a 10-by-20 storage unit, cut off from society and denied school — and how she finally found the strength to change her life.      For most people, making the trip to their childhood home may include visiting an old swing set in theContinue reading “Out of the Box”

Iowa family rebuilds life after immigration raid

  Four years after a federal immigration raid upended an Iowa town, one reunited family aims to make a new life for itself in Postville. Above: Rosa Zamora and Fermin Loyes relax with their daughters, Merlin, 10, and Ilvana, 5. The family was split up after the 2008 federal immigration raid in Postville, but haveContinue reading “Iowa family rebuilds life after immigration raid”