From Mosul to Moria: ‘A US air strike killed all of my family’

  An Iraqi refugee remembers the day when 12 of his relatives, including a six-month-old, died in the Battle for Mosul. Mohamed fled Mosul after a US attack, apparently targeting an ISIL sniper, killed 12 relatives including his mother, father and six siblings [Jawahir Hassan Al-Naimi/Al Jazeera] By: Richard Hardigan/Al Jazerra  Lesbos, Greece – At 5amContinue reading “From Mosul to Moria: ‘A US air strike killed all of my family’”

What the US Oil Revolution Means for Russia

The optimist will tell you that Russia is no longer a petrostate. Incremental growth is now coming from the consumer sectors, while there is less contribution from the oil-and-gas sector. While the budget clearly does depend on the volume of oil and gas revenues to balance, changes by the Central Bank and the Finance Ministry since the 2008 crisis mean the economy can still grow about 3 percentContinue reading “What the US Oil Revolution Means for Russia”

‘Your baby looks like Saddam Hussein’

        MIGRATION BOARD OUTRAGE   An administrator at the Swedish Migration Board  is facing disciplinary action after telling a family of Iraqi asylum seekers that their newborn baby looked like Saddam Hussein. The man, who has worked at the agency for 30 years, is also under investigation for physically assaulting a femaleContinue reading “‘Your baby looks like Saddam Hussein’”

NYC MOSQUE: The eye of the storm: Introducing Feisal Abdul Rauf

Introducing, Faisal Abdul Rauf , he is the eye  of the storm, he is the man behind the Cordoba House, the Mosque/Community Center planned for Lower Manhattan two blocks from Ground Zero. Activist and Author,Mr Ruft is 62 years old (1948) and was born in Kuwait.  He has lived the in the a United States for more thanContinue reading “NYC MOSQUE: The eye of the storm: Introducing Feisal Abdul Rauf”