Ireland: They banged on my door and shouted ‘nigger’

By: Jim Cusack/The Independent-Dublin Ireland Happy Agamah (63), who is a German citizen, was asleep in his ground floor apartment home in Rathfarnham, south Dublin, when thugs set fire to a fuel-soaked mattress and smashed his bedroom window. A shed outside his window caught fire and was destroyed in the blaze. He said he is luckyContinue reading “Ireland: They banged on my door and shouted ‘nigger’”

“I had four affairs. It was all about the sex.”

Wendy Plump talks to about her controversial memoir of infidelity Plump has experienced life as both the cheater and the cheatee; the scorned wife and the other woman. In 18 years of marriage she conducted four affairs, three early on before she had children. Her husband Bill, in turn, betrayed her with several women. TheirContinue reading ““I had four affairs. It was all about the sex.””

Horsemeat in Burger King Burgers?

Fast food company said test results at production plant revealed ‘very small trace levels’ of horse DNA in its products sold in Britain  Burger King has revealed that some of its burgers were contaminated in the horsemeat scare, as the tainted food crisis threatened to undermine the confidence of consumers, and major retailers tried to protect their reputations. The fastContinue reading “Horsemeat in Burger King Burgers?”

Sinead O’ Connor still angry after all these years

SINEAD O’Connor is having a little laugh to herself. The 45-year-old singer has just received a letter from the Manchester hotel she’s staying in, complaining about someone smoking on the premises. As controversy goes that’s small potatoes for the Irish agent provocateur, which is perhaps why she dismisses it without stopping for breath. Sinead O’Connor hasContinue reading “Sinead O’ Connor still angry after all these years”